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Diwali Festival - Sweet and Snacks Recipes

Time flies! It was like yesterday I celebrated last year's Diwali festival and now Diwali again! When ever I think of this 'Festival of Lights', the first thing that comes to my mind is crackers! Yey! Diwali crackers are fun. The next obvious reason for which I love Diwali is, Sweets and Snacks! Duh! Then comes the new dress. I am not into fashion stuff these days. Oh! I have become old.

There was this one time in my childhood, where we had put lots to pick the lucky winner to light the 10,000 wala. It was the time when 10,000 wala was a bit hit. It started from our apartment gate went till the end of our street. Now we have even more varieties in Diwali crackers but that 10,000 wala was and will always be my favorite. I still remember how proud my friend felt when he lit the cracker. He was like a hero that day!

Photo by: prakhar

I know every one would have experienced this, at least the South Indians. Eating Diwali Legiyam early morning immediately after we brush our teeth. Urh! It is such a pain. This is one and only reason why I hated Diwali as a kid. Though healthy, it spoils the taste for me!

Next immediate action would be taking bath, wearing the new dress and visiting friends to brag about it. Don't say you have never bragged about a new dress to your friends. Following the bragging session comes the bursting crackers ceremony. With the matchbox in one hand and bag of crackers in the other, we march towards the street to burst them and cause pollution. Kids causing air pollution (during this festival season) is not a big offense, at least to me.

After all the 'happening' events , we reach our homes, exhausted. Now, cleanliness time. Washing your hands after bursting crackers. Then TV time. Watch all the Diwali special TV shows and movies munching the Diwali snacks prepared by my mother. Now I am the one who prepares all these sweets and snacks. Really, Time flies!

The very thought of this festival, reminds me of my childhood days. I can surely say that this Diwali or any other Diwali will never be the same as the one I celebrated as a kid with my parents. I miss it! I know a lot of you too! For all those who are thinking of their childhood days, this second, I wish a very happy and safe Diwali.

Sharing the happiness always doubles the joy! We can share our Diwali wishes either by wishing them in person or through phone. But, my favorite way is my sending Diwali greeting card. Greeting cards are a sweet way of expressing love and happiness. I am crazy about greeting cards. Did you know? I have more than 1000 greeting cards in my collection and I still collect them. I treasure each and every card given to me. I have a special e-greeting card for you all at the end of this post.

Now coming to the Diwali Sweets and snacks. These are actually sweets and snacks which I had prepared for various occasions. Preparing them again for Diwali gives me a special satisfaction. I will be adding some more sweets and snacks to this list, so don't miss it. Do come by and check often.



Don't forget to start with your Diwali with the Homemade Diwali Legiyam.

Advanced Diwali Wishes to all my friends and readers. Here is a special Diwali greeting card for you all.

I will surely wish you all again on the day of Diwali.


Diwali kind of brings a nostalgic feeling every year round and especially more so since we are so far away from home. However since hubby doesnt have a sweet tooth, i cut down on the sweets that i make for the occasion. So i will just have to vicariously live through your posts:)

Oh my god! I am such a big fan of Deepavali legyam! I just love it, and keep eating it the whole day...

Hey Sangeeth..thats a great list of snacks and sweets you've put up!!This year am planning to give home-made sweets to friends and family,shall refer your blog!!And you are so right about spending Diwali with parents..!!

I've got a surprise for U at Have a gr8 day!

Thanks for the list of diwali spl recipes! :)

Anu, you love diwali legiyam huh? great yaar!

hey wat a surprise, I too love Diwlai and craze abt greeting cards. having collection of greeting cards in my greeting card albums. so nice to hear the same from u. Adv diwali wishes to u and all our blog friends.

Diwli will always remain the best festival for me! so many beautiful memories are tied to it:) the sweet and snack list looks great gal!:)

This list looks awesome yaar.. I hope you are sending these over to my diwali event.

neat list..thanks now I know where to look :)
Happy Diwali

The Pic is very nice....and your list of dishes are cool Sangeeth....Wish you and family Happy Diwali

yummy goodies...sweets look perfect..

very nice collections of sweets just according to festivals good work..

I love Diwali.Its my favourite festival. Diwali known as the festival of lights is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India. Gifts on Diwali are the best way to express your feelings.I wait for my gifts on this day.

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