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Mixture - A easy and quick snack for Diwali

I used to think that Mixture is tough to make. Mainly because, there are a lot of items in a mixture like Boondi, oma podi, aval ect. But after trying it, I can say for sure that it is one of the quickest snack I have ever made. Though the recipe calls for oil for deep frying, I think you can compromise on your diet for a festival like Diwali, which comes only once a year.

Mixture-Diwali Recipe

Even though store bought mixture has its own taste, homemade mixture is more scrumptious and relatively healthy as we can use fresh unused oil for deep frying. I am sending this and my other Diwali sweets and snacks to Pallavi's YFF - Diwali. With no further delay, let me share the recipe with you.

Ingredients: ( Makes 2 cup of mixture)

Gram flour/Besan - 1 cup
3 garlic flakes, minced (optional)
Ground nuts - 1/4 cup
Few fried Cashews
Flattened rice or Aval- 1/4 cup
Few curry leaves
salt to taste
1 tsp of chilli powder
Oil to deep fry

Mixture-Diwali Recipe


Follow this method to make Boondi.

Follow this method to make Omapodi.

Fry Aval, curry leaves, groundnuts and cashew nuts in oil. You can shallow fry these if you want to avoid oil.

Now in a big bowl, mix boondi, omapodi,groundnuts,cashews,curry leaves and toss them.

Add salt and chilli powder as per your spice level.

Mixture is all ready to eat! Enjoy.

Happy Diwali 2008 to you! Check out my other recipes (Sweets and Snacks) for Diwali.


woww.. they look very nice.. i have also thought mixture is difficult to make. looking forward to more diwali treats..

Sangeeth, same pinch u know wat!! i prepared sterday mixture too...Urs Looks ur clicks..

That looks perfect for a festival get together. Grab a handful and it's off to some great snacking :) Happy Diwali :)

Looks yummy. Now I am craving some because of you.

Thanks for the entry ! I like the new look !