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Homemade curryleaf/Kariveppilai powder

Curry Leaf Powder is a very useful powder as far as I am concerned. Why? because it can be used to garnish many side dish recipes. It is simple and easy to make. You can also eat them with white rice by adding a little amount of ghee or with Idly/Dosa. They really taste delicious.

Curry leaf Powder

I used to buy curry leaf powder from shop but nothing could beat my mother's curry leaf powder recipe. So started to prepare it at home. Here I am sharing the homemade curry leaf powder recipe to kindle your taste buds.


1/2 cup Channa dal
1 cup Curry leaves
4-5 Red Chillies
1/2 tsp Fenugreek seeds & cumin seeds, together
1 tsp Oil
1 tbsp pepper corns
Salt to taste
Pinch of Hing


In a pan, add oil and channa dal. Fry until they are brown.

Add the Fenugreek seeds & cumin seeds.

Now add the red chillies, saute.

Add the pepper corns and saute.

Add the curry leaves and mix well.

Note that all the ingredients must be dry before grinding them, so it is suggested to make curry leaves dry by sauteing in mild flame.

Cool the mixture for some time.

Grind it into a fine powder by adding salt and a pinch of hing.

Note: You can store this powder upto 1 week in an air tight container. You can also store it for more days but as the days go by the aroma and the freshness will get reduced.


it looks nice...and best idea to make in will be good to have with hot rice n ghee

Hey Sangeeth - Good one. I love this with rice & ghee, or as a pickle replacement with curd rice!I land up adding a pinch to my rasams too.

I've posted an event at my blog. Wanted to invite you to participate.

recently my mom made this.. i have heard its very healthy..