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Eat Healthy - During Pregnancy

With the great success of Eat Healthy- Fight Diabetes Event, (Don't forget to check out the Part 1 and Part 2 of the round up) I am so happy to announce this month's topic. It is eating healthy during pregnancy. It is important to eat healthy. But it is even more important to eat healthy when you are eating for two. Pregnancy is an experience. Most of us get lost in the excitement and eat a lot, which is more junk than healthy and gain weight!

Gaining weight is important during pregnancy. But, when beyond the limit, invites complications. Eating right is what we are talking about. We require few vitamins more than the others. Like more of calcium and less of carbohydrates. More proteins and fiber. More of Iron. Eating what we need is what we are looking at. I don't want to bore you with facts. You know what I am talking about and I am waiting to see the healthy recipes.

Here is a video that I found which talks about what and what not to eat during pregnancy.

There are numerous to-be moms and people who are trying to conceive who has less knowledge in this topic. Here is a way to help them out.

Eat Healthy during Pregnancy

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This event runs from Dec 5,2008 till Jan 5,2009.

1. Make any dish – be it Appetizer, Main Course or Dessert , Vegetarian/Non -Vegetarian, any cuisine and using any ingredient, anything under the sun that is good for pregnancy and post the recipe in your blog /site and link it back to this announcement . I would greatly appreciate if you use the logo.

2. No need to send the picture, I will take it from your blog.

3. Subscribe to my blog via E-mail/Reader. - (OPTIONAL) I am asking you all to subscribe because, last time, a lot of the participants missed the mega round up and missed the chance of voting for their favorite recipes. This time I feel it could be prevented by making the subscription. If you are already subscribed, Thanks!

4. Send me your
“Recipe URL”
"Few lines stating why the recipe is good for pregnancy"

to : i.e. letusallcook(AT)gmail(DOT)com with the subject as Eat healthy - During Pregnancy.

5. You can send any number of entries. But be sure to write why that particular food is good for Pregnancy.

6.Not having a blog is no excuse to let you get away with your passion for cooking. Non-Bloggers don't worry, there are always ways to achieve your passion :) please do send me the same details as above to the mail given and I will post it in the round-up with your details. Your recipe will also be counted for winning the prizes.

8.Older entries on blogs can be accepted only if they are re posted during this event period with a link-back to this announcement. If you do not know how to re post please check one of my post where I have done re posting for an event. For the entries that are re posted, do write why they are good for pregnancy while re posting.

9. Each entry to this contest must have a link back to this announcement.

If you have any doubts please ask!

Also checkout the previous Eat Healthy Events and Round Ups.

PRIZE 1: This winner will be chosen by voting. The 10 recipes will be chosen by me and Cynthia, the more number of entries you send the more chance for her to choose your recipe in the top 10 spots. Cynthia is giving her new book "My Caribbean cookbook" as the prize. I will write more about the book in my future post. Thanks Cynthia!

PRIZE 2: $10 gift card to the person who comes second in the voting.

PRIZE 3: The person with maximum number of entries, in addition of getting more chances to get the top 10 spot will also get a special prize of getting featured in my blog for a month. This is truly to appreciate their contribution.


He he he! So this is what you were talking about... :)
Finally I am at peace after knowing the topic.
Yeah, I have read somewhere that it is acutally okay and good not to gain extra weight during pregnancy.
I will surely be sending some entries for all those mom-to-be(s).

And Sangeeth, wow you are really generous with the giveaways for all these contests aren't you? Nice job gal.

I got a book fof diabetic recipes from the lbrary, but could not participate ddue to ime constraints..will surely send in my entry this time..

Great one i must say!i guess there will be so many would-be moms benefited too..and now, i will go around interviewing mothers for this:)

Thanks guys....will be expecting your entries.....:)

One more nice topic....I totally agree with Keerthana that so many would be moms will be benefited!!

Cha! I thought I can send today's quesadillas to this event, ana in that video the guy says no leftovers! :(
So I guess I am not within limits then...

Anu, Paravalla....neethan supera pudusu pudusa panriye...onnum matamaya poidum :)

That's a lovely event Sangeeth.. I hope to be able to send something in and that video is really useful too. Thanks.

nice topic and very nice informative video sangeeth.

This is going to be very helpful for the expectant moms.I've lots of recipes for you sangeeth:)

Just like Sowmya, I also borrowed a book from the library on Diabetic Desserts, but somehow couldn't try anything. Will try to send something interesting for this one.

another nice theme for eat healthy event. This time I shall definitely send something. Best wishes dear!

Looks like I've missed this one - a real shame as my wife is 19 weeks pregnant.

Still, I'm sure the roundup will come in really handy!