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My Kitchen Treasures

When Dibs announced the Kitchen Treasures event, I was sure that I will be sending something. Mine is a very simple kitchen with very little treasures. In India, I had a lot of vessels, but here I have only few. Thanks to the Airlines !I was allowed only 28 KG per box. With only 2 boxes allowed, it was either these or my dresses. Obviously my dresses won!

My first treasure - Cooker (Both Pressure cooker and Rice Cooker). I can't imagine a day without them. I got my pressure cooker as give away present from my parents for my marriage. It is very close to me!

My Kitchen Treasures

My Second treasure - Mathu(A vessel used to mash), Roti roller, Presser(with this I make Muruku very often!) All from India :)

My Kitchen Treasures

I don't have my favorite vessels here. I would have got it if I had known that there would be such an event! Sigh!


Oye! I have the same Rice cooker too! :) It is so useful, and since it has sensor cooking, the brown rice comes out beautiful every single time.
Is this the post you were talking about yesterday?

still have to cook brown rice in t his cooker...doest really take 110 mts to cook 2 cups of brown rice with this cooker? thats too much of time na...anyways no it is not the post...that post will come in the evening or night

He he he, yes it does take that long for brown rice... mostly because it spends half the time soaking the brown rice, it starts actually cooking it not until the second half.
The "Quick" option is without the soaking option, so the b.rice cooks faster.

Rice cooker & Cooker I have.. (& a blender) everyone else seems to be having a whole lot of other stuffs, & I have none!

I have a Zojirushi rice cooker that I love. It's the fuzzy logic one that cooks everything from white to brown rice, porridge, mixed rice and more! :) No pressure cooker though. My husband has a new colleague who grew up in Indian (Bengal) and she says that her mom cooked pretty much by pressure cooker.

your kitchen treasures look so good Sangeeth! I also have most of those!

I love the rice cooker! looks os used & worn - worn kitchen utensils are the best. you can never go wrong, like my mom's dosa pan.

Me too, I cannot live without pressure cooker. Thanks for a peek into your kitchen.

Ahhh life without pressure cooker is unimaginable for Indian Females..i don't think there is any other utensil that i use as much as a pressure cooker