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The Universal Truth about Indian Food

When you think of England’s national dish you may imagine a cultural staple in its culinary history such as Yorkshire pudding or blood sausage. Guess again; chicken tikka masala claims this prize. It is the most ordered menu item in the UK, and is a global favorite for its rich flavor. Indian food can be found at almost every farmer’s market in America, and in every major city in the world. Its healthy oils and spices give it a unique taste that can’t be mimicked anywhere else.

As India has 28 states with more than 50 languages being spoken by hundreds of ethnic groups, each region and state boasts its culinary specialty. Spices are a vital accouterments to enhancing the foods flavor, and food preparation and spice blending are crucial to bringing these complex dishes together.

Oil is another main component that is a staple of this cuisine. Whether it is coconut oil used in the south, mustard oil used in the north, or olive oil, proper storage plays a vital role in maintaining the oil’s integrity. If your kitchen sees a lot of action from India, you will want to visit and stock up on glass bottles to store your oil, and other containers to keep your spices sealed for freshness.

Hippies dig it

There are many reasons why Indian food is so popular around the world. One reason is that it offers many options to vegetarian people. As Indians don’t eat beef for religious and spiritual reasons, and there are a large number of Muslims in India who don’t eat pork, lamb, chicken and fish are the only meats you will find. Since two major meats are missing from the kettle, it makes sense to amp up the vegetarian platter. Vegetarian dishes are based heavily on lentils, dried beans, legumes, and chickpeas. Vegetables, primarily potatoes and spinach, are also heavily used. You can find a variety of Indian rice recipes  which uses the above ingredients.

Also, a type of cheese called paneer is very common and loved by vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Paneer is the only cheese variety that doesn't melt when cooked. How awesome is that? It is very easy to make Paneer at home and Paneer Tikka masala and Matar Paneer are couple of very famous Paneer recipes.

Whereas some cuisines offer a few vegetarian items on their menus, venture into any Indian restaurant and you will see that they have about as many vegetarian dishes as they do meat-based ones.

Choose your heat

Another reason why Indian food is loved around the world is that it satisfies the taste of those who love something mild and flavorful, or scorching hot and teeming with taste. South Indian cuisine tends to be spicier, while north Indian food tends to resemble more as to what people can get in America—milder curries with naan bread.

Its good for what ails you

Indian food is loved universally for its medicinal elements. In an article published by the author point to certain Indian spices that have health benefits. For example, it states that cumin aids in digestion and turmeric slows down the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Once you explore the healthy properties in this cuisine’s numerous curries, you will understand why it is one of the most loved in the world.

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Indian dishes are incredibly healthy, nutritious, filling, and satisfying. Even the vegetarian ones!

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The One factor that sets Indian cuisine apart from the others is the sheer number of option both for vegetarians and for non-vegetarians.

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I can't stay away from Indian food and my nationality has nothing todo with that. I just love the spices and the way every regional cuisine uses them in all the recipes. Talk about the spice, talk about the flavor...the love goes in the making what makes it all the more difficult to resist. Nice to remind that why Indian cuisine is like all around the world.

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