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Homemade Paneer : How to

I actually wanted to make a video for this post but, due to various reasons I couldn't. Paneer is a very unique Indian Cheese. It is the only cheese I know which doesn't melt even when you cook them. Interesting isn't it? Paneer is the Indian cottage cheese which is used in many side dishes. The Paneer itself can be prepared adding some flavors to it. But generally a Paneer tastes better when it is in a sauce.

Homemade Paneer- How to

You can easily make homemade paneer. All you need is,

1/2 gallon of whole milk
2 tsp of Lemon juice or vinegar
A muslin cloth
weights or heavy vessel


In a milk pan, boil the milk. Simmer it and the add the lemon juice to it and wait for it to separate.

Use a muslin cloth for filtering this and use the filtered water to make chapatis or even as a vegetable stock.

Squeeze out the water from the muslin cloth and tie a knot and hang it for 20mts. This will remove the excess moisture present.

Now take the cloth and fold it into a square shape and place a heavy weight on top of it for the paneer to set.

Homemade Paneer-How to

Allow it to set for 45 mts and cut it into small pieces of your shape and size.


1.It is important you use the paneer as soon as possible. You can also store it in the refrigerator for a couple of days. While doing so, make sure that the cut paneer piece and immersed in water. This will help the paneer to be more soft.

2. If you do not have a muslin cloth, you can use any thin cloth, preferably cotton.

3. You can also add spices and herbs while boiling milk to make different types of Paneer.

I will surely make a video next time when I make Paneer.

You can use this Paneer and prepare Paneer tikka masala, matar paneer etc


This looks wonderful! We love eating Palak Paneer so it'll be great to make our own paneer. thanks!

Wow, paneer looks so perfect and mouth-watering. Thanks for sharing dear!

Just now i made paneer at home...urs looks really very prefect..

I have to make paneer at home soon. Have seen so many recipes for it on blogs that it's inspiring me to finally do it! :)

A video would have been awesome, since lot of people are new to the concept of panner making at home.
Nice cubes.
You could also make them with skim milk (the paneer would be a little tougher) but fat free...

wow, this paneer looks more perfect then store bought one.

thats how I make my paneer...i don;t have a muslin thoda zyada mehnat...i use a strainer and press with a spoon till I get dry
N then I use them in curries.

thanks for liking the pakodas yaar.

Though paneer is probably my favorite cheese, I've yet to make my own. Just lovely.

Hey Sangeeth,

Really pretty cubes.. Perfectly done Paneer. Here Paneer is not easily available. That's what motivated me to try it at home :)