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We did it!

It is an amazing feeling when someone you do not know come and praise the food you have prepared. It really makes you float. I was on cloud 9 when the food we prepared for our friend's party was a BIG hit. Sometimes, you do need a push to realize how much you are capable of doing. Me, along with 4 of my friends prepared the food for our friend's Birthday party for 60 guests. Yes! it is a big number for us, or atleast for me. I have never cooked for more that 6 people at a time. Wow! This is a great experience for me and for us.

We decided to host the birthday party and we planned the menu a week before. Allocated 2 items to each of us and started to do the prep work. It really helped me realise how it would be in the real kitchen. Chief chef shouting,sweating and the tension that prevails inside the kitchen. We felt and experienced every bit of it. At last, everything vanished just like thin air when people started eating and smiling and enjoying our food. Some of them even took leftovers home. Made us proud.

As usual, the menu for the party was,

Starters :

Badam Kheer
Tortialls with Avacado salsa

Main course:


Vanilla Ice cream
Fruit pudding

We did everything excepting Ice cream and Tortialls. The decoration was awesome and we tried to buy everything which was on deal so that we could do the party on a budget. Now a days, everything  is online. There are many websites that provide deals and coupons for us to use and save money. One such website I find very useful is cuponation. When you are in India, we do not purchase things often online. However, the trend is changing and more people opt for online shopping as it makes life more easier. Even sweet when you are able to save shopping online. 

I know that I have already shared the recipes for few of the above items. But I still have more to share. Scrumptious food is always welcome by everyone. Have a great 4th of July weekend. Let me know if you have ever experienced eating food that you can never forget.YUM!


Very intresting photography . Beautiful food.