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Eat Healthy - Launch of a new foodie event

Many have been an inspiration to start this event. When I threw myself into this blogosphere, I found so many great cooks who are unselfishly sharing their recipes with us. I can see their dedication and passion towards cooking by looking at the pictures they take. Wow! They truly inspire me to contribute more. Who are 'they'? I am very proud to mention about my blog friends (Though I have never spoken to them personally.) It doesn't matter in this blog world. Mansi Desai, Meeta, Srivalli, Sailaja, Uma, Divya, Susan,DK,Priya, madhuram and many others. Each one inspired me in their own way. They made me realise that I can contribute more and I have learned a lot from their recipes. So, what is this Event all about? There are gazillion foodie event happening daily in this blog world and I do not want to be an exception. I want to host one too :) (New blogger enthusiasm. lol!). Finally I decided on the topic. Hope my event is not a replica ;) (if so please forgive me, I have no intentions of copying your idea. It is just a coincidence) Coming to the event. I call this ' Eat Healthy'.

Eat Healthy is a monthly event starting every 15th. It is a theme based event like many others. Each month I will be announcing the theme in my blog either on 14th or 15th morning.

This month it is Eat Healthy - Fiber Rich.

Why did I choose 'Eat healthy'? With this life becoming more mechanical, it is very obvious that we have very less time for self care. In our priority list we come last (you cannot deny this. our family is first, then work, then friends, then relatives...I don't see us anywhere near the top five. At least for most of us it is like this). If we eat healthy, without a doubt our family will eat healthy. After all we are the ones who are cooking ;). So why not try healthy recipes which are quicker and easier to make?

Rules are very simple and will be familiar to most of you out there. Anyway, here comes the rules part.

1. Make any dish – be it Appetizer, Main Course or Dessert , Vegetarian/Non -Vegetarian, any cuisine and using any ingredient, anything under the sun that is Fiber rich and post the recipe in your blog /site and link it back to this announcement. I would greatly appreciate if you use the logo.

The only point to be noted is, this recipe must be easy and simple to make. There are only a few who have patience and time to try out recipes which takes hours and hours of preparation :).

2. Multiple entries are more than welcome . More entries, more choices for us to eat healthy.
3. Take a snap of your recipe and send it across with a size of 250 X 250 pixels.
4. Send me your “Name”, “Recipe”, “Recipe URL”, “Photo” and “Location” to : i.e. letusallcook(AT)gmail(DOT)com with the subject as Eat healthy - Fiber Rich.

5. Last date for the entries are 11:59PM (Pacific time), June 14th 2008.

6. Not having a blog is no excuse to let you get away with your passion for cooking. Non-Bloggers don't worry, there are always ways to achieve your passion :) please do send me the same details as above to the mail given and I will post it in the round-up with your details.

7.Older entries on blogs can be accepted only if they are republished during this event period with a link-back to this announcement.

Hope you all participate and make this event a great success and encourage me to contribute more. Looking forward for your healthy recipes :)

As of now it is not a competition, however I would be more than happy if I could host a competition. I have to either get a sponsor or I have to get enough money for the prizes (mostly by nagging my hubby as I quit my job :) . Either way, I think it will take some time. But hoping that I could achieve this soon.

Take a look at our other EAT Healthy Events.


wonderful event gromit!!!i will think of one soon and send it across:)...

Thanks ranji...but Iam not gromit..iam sangeeth....

lovrly idea, will surely try to send something in.

Hi First time to ur blog..
This is a excellent event.... Love to participate in it... All the Best!..

thanks for visiting my blog sukanya

first time i am visiting, u r announcing something healthy, i will do my best to come up with something

nice event..wil come up with something..

thanks cham,sowmya and divya

sorry sangeeth!!In taste of india i saw it as posted by gromit thats why i called u that....i think its some bug ,its written as gromit for many other bloggers too...wonder why!!!

thats no probs ranji....:)

Hi, first time here. Will try to contribute, as the theme is really good:)

Ohh I LOVE this idea! I try to cook healthy at home so I will participate as much as possible :)

Sangeeth, I really love this idea of simple and easy fibre rich recipes. I have recipe, will post and send u the details soon.

Hi sangeeth,
This is alka from
Loved the theme,will surely try to post some simple but fibre rich recipes
Bye till then and take care

great idea sangeeth..shall surely try to participate!!!

Nice thought n good topic...wil participate too Sangeeth..

i am in and will send it soon dear.



hi, my first time here. new to the blogging world. love your theme and hope to send something in before the deadline!

Sangeeth I mailed my entry couple of minutes back, hope you got it!

Just mailed u my entry for the event...hope u got it

Hi Sangeeth,
I too sent in my entry last sunday.
Please let me know.

s guys...recieved your entries...thanks...

perfect and I will take part. Incidentally i am hosting a ONE DISH MEAL EVENT as well. I would love for you to send a recipe as well. the details to the event are at

Hi Sangeeth,
This is my first time here in your blog.I have mailed you a recipe and Please let me know..Thank you

Hi Sangeeth, I emailed you my recipe a few days ago and posted a comment notification too . I don't see any acknowledgement. Is my entry not in?