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Foodie Chat - Kopiaste invites Ivy!

Foodie Chat - Kopiaste Ivy

Kopiaste? Not English. Hmm...must be Greek. Kopiaste is the word used to invite people we want to share our food with or when we open our house to friends and invite them to eat. OK. How did I know this? Ofcourse our dear Ivy! I have been visiting her site lately and I have to say she has a great collection of not only Greek cuisine, but also other international cuisines. She is yet another humble and down to earth person I met in this beautiful food blog world. Here she is sharing her views with us.

Why and when did you start blogging?

I started copying three old cooking notebooks I had with recipes on the computer. At the beginning I planned to record my recipes and give my kids a copy to each. Last August I was feeling so bored after our vacations late June - early July that my son, who knew how much I love cooking gave me the idea to interact with people, through a cooking blog, so I started the blog in August, 2007.

Why did you choose Food as a topic to blog?

I love to cook and I love to eat, so it came natural to write about what I like to do the most.

Can you give some tips on time management?

It’s all a matter of organizing your jobs and putting priorities. I plan everything in my mind. I never take notes but know what to do first. I don’t know if this has to do with my Zodiac sign, I’m an Aries but I cannot just do one thing at a time. I do two or three or even four things simultaneously. I do this when I am cooking, I may be cooking and baking and preparing a side dish, all at the same time.

In a day, how many hours you spend blogging?

Lots of hours. I am ashamed to admit it but when I have nothing else to do, I am in front of the screen.

Do you have any other hobbies other than blogging?

I have a few hobbies which however I have been neglecting due to blogging. I don’t seem to find any time for my other hobbies any more. I love reading and taking photos and I also love painting. I have started my painting lessons last week so I shall not blog every day now.

Do you see any change in your blogging habits?

As I said above, I shall not blog every day. Trying to blog every day is a bit stressful so I shall post two or three times a week.

Where do you see your blog 1 year from now?

I have never thought about it but a lot has changed since last year, so I expect something to change within the next year as well, but I cannot imagine what that can be.

What advice do you give to the new comers?

It depends on what the new comers want from blogging. If they expect to write recipes (even if they are writing the best recipes of the whole blogosphere) and just wait for others to visit them while they are relaxing, they should forget about it. Blogging is about giving and taking, so I would advice them if they want to take they must first give. My other advice would be to visit others first, to join Food Communities and participate in as many food events as they can. In other words socialize.

Which is your favorite cuisine and why?

After Greek cuisine, my second choice would be Italian as I could eat pasta every day but I also like French, Indian, Chinese and Mexican cuisines.

What do you feel about recent copyright issues?

I am outraged to see that some people are copying not just a recipe or a photo, but whole blogposts and putting ads to make money out of others’ hard work.

Do you have any experience like this before? Any advice? (reg copyright issues)

I have seen some of my friends complaining about this and when I checked a link they gave, I saw some work of other friend bloggers being copied, so I informed them about it. Personally, I have seen some of my recipes (and I mean recipes I have made out of my mind) copied with no acknowledgment at all. That made me angry.

You are a regular reader of..

Most of my friends’ blogs.

How do you keep in touch with your fellow bloggers, do you use social sites?

We usually exchange e-mails or chat through gmail. With a few we even speak on the telephone, now that phone calls are much cheaper.

Your favourite cooking show, cookbook, cuisine, restaurant, food

Before blogging I never used to miss a cooking show on T.V. but now I never watch T.V. The only time I watch T.V. is when I am ironing and always change channels until I find a cooking show. The past week when I was ill I watched a lot of T.V. cooking shows and I liked Rachel Ray and Jamie Oliver shows. Last year there were some Greek cooking shows I used to watch but this year I have not seen anything interesting. I do not have a favourite cookbook. I have a few Greek ones and won two English ones since I started blogging and only made a recipe from them once.

Who/what is your inspiration?

My inspiration is my whole family. I always have in mind to cook something to please them.

Do you host your blog in your own domain? What blog hosts you suggest for a new blogger/experienced blogger.

Yes, I host my own domain. I can’t compare as I have only used one host up to now and that is Blue host. Whenever I needed their help, their online service is great and they are very helpful

How do you cope up with the technical requirements for being a blogger.

Well, I started with blogger, which is very easy to learn. I borrowed a book from my son and learned a little about HTML. However, wordpress is quite different and more difficult. I had several technical problems and I asked some other blogger friends who are always willing to help. I have now ordered a book to learn more about php.

If people want to contact you through social media, are you available?

Yes, they can contact me through e-mail or facebook.

Your achievements as far as blogging is concerned so far.

I am not sure what you mean by achievements but I’ve learned a lot about cooking this past year.

Your Photography secrets.

My photography skills suck. I don’t have a very expensive digital camera and don’t use Photoshop. I always take my photos in a hurry as everyone is sitting at the table waiting to be served and I have to rush and take a quick photo of the dish before it disappears. I have learned by experience that the best photos are those taken with natural lighting.

If given a chance, about which cuisine would you like to learn more? Why?

I would like to learn more about French cuisine. I think it is a very gourmet cuisine.

I know you specialize in Greek cuisine, what would be the right place to start learning about Greek cuisine, culture etc.

I wouldn’t say that I specialize in Greek cuisine but I’ve been cooking Greek food for many years now. Greek cuisine is quite simple and I think what makes it delicious are the ingredients used. The best way to learn would be, of course, by visiting Greece but I know that this is not possible for many of you, so you can start learning about Greek cuisine from Greek bloggers and through our posts I think you can learn a few things about our culture as well.

I take this opportunity to Thank Ivy for her lovely interview, despite her busy schedule. She is now attending her painting classes. Here is her painting blog. Do check out the paintings look divine.

I appreciate your comments and suggestions for future interviews. If you want anyone to be interviewed for this series, please let me know.

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Good job again Sangeeth! All these interviews are so helpful to learn more about blogging. Thanks.

Ivy is just great... I agree with her point about "Blogging is about giving and taking". 100% rightly said.
If you want to take, you must give. Go Ivy!

Sangeeth, you are brilliant as always. As a blogger friend, I am very proud of all these things you are doing.

Thanks Uma and Anu. Your encouragement helps me doing things like these...

I love Ivy! And I love you for doing these interviews.

Thanks cynthia..I luv you too :)

Nice job yet again Sangeeth!

Thanks Sangeeth for interviewing me. I am greatly honoured to be part of your lovely interviews.
Thanks Anudivya for your kind words and Cynthia I love you too.