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Calling all Food Bloggers for 'The 101 Recipe Series'

When I was browsing through for omelet recipes, I came across a few which was really new to me. With our creativity we can do wonders in cooking. Before this, I knew only 2 ways of preparing omelet. One is with egg white alone and the other with vegetables. But going through these varieties like French omelet,Spanish and Mexican omelet etc made me realise that there are more varieties of omelet to be discovered.

Here is a challenge to our creativity!101 omelet recipes! I hope this will be fun and a treat for all the egg lovers. Not only omelet, we can use our creativity to any recipe and make it a new one.

For the mere sake of fun and more fun, I am starting a new event called 101 recipe series. As of now there is no time limit for this event. Here are the rules.

1. I will be announcing the recipe/food for which we need to derive 101 different ways of preparation.

2. There is no time limit as of now, the first 101 recipes which are unique will be consolidated and presented as 'The 101 Recipes'.

3. Once we get 101 different ways of preparing the dishthe round up will be posted and we will be up for the next 101 recipe series..

4. The first challenge is 101 Omelet recipes.

5. Post a Omelet recipe which is still not yet included in 101 recipe series, link back to this event and send me an email to with subject '101 recipe series #1:Omelet' and the following details,

Recipe Name:
Recipe URL :

You can send in previously posted entries by re posting them and linking it back to the event.

6. I will be updating the omelet recipes immediately so that we can avoid duplication. So do check back this event page before preparing omelet for this event.

7.Not having a blog is no excuse to let you get away with your passion for cooking. Non-Bloggers don't worry, there are always ways to achieve your passion :) please do send me the recipe details as above to the mail given and I will post it in the round-up with your details.

Do let me know if there is any questions and ideas for making this event more fun.

Remember! the first 101 recipes are only counted so hurry up and send in your entries so that we can complete this 101 omelet recipes.

Few Tips for choosing Omelet Pan:

Omelet comes out best with a non-stick pan, preferably aluminum with a nonstick coating. It must have sloping rather than steep sides.

An 8-inch pan is good two egg omelet and a 10-inch pan for a five egg omelet. It depends on the egg size. If it is normal size eggs, the 10 inch pan can be used for 6 egg omelet. But this is when you directly break the eggs over the pan, but if you beat it separately, you can always use a scooping vessel and accommodate it correctly.

Now comes the entries for this 101 omelet series,

1. Vegetable Omelet from Art of cooking Indian food

2. Ham Omelet from Heart and Hearth.

3. Onion Omelet from Ramya's kitchen corner

4. Baked Mushroom Omelet from Priya Easy and Tasty Recipes

5.Potato Omelet from Priya Easy and Tasty Recipes

6.Aloo Gobi Omelet from alexisthetiny

7.French Bean omelet from teczcape - an escape to food

8.Carrot Omelet from Priya Easy and Tasty Recipes

9.Zucchini Omelet from Priya Easy and Tasty Recipes

10.Chicken chunks onion Omelet from Priya Easy and Tasty Recipes

11.Spicy Indian Omelet - Its HOT! from Art of cooking Indian food

12.Eggless Omelet from Myviews

13. Eggless (Maida) Omelet from EC

14.Omelet Dosa from Kitchen chronicles

15.Zucchini Omelet from Kitchen chronicles

16.Green Omelet from Dershana

17.Mixed Omelet from My Spicy Kitchen

18.Shrimp Omelet from Heart and Hearth

19.Mutton kofta omelet from Malar Gandhi

20.mutton kheem omelet from Malar Gandhi

21.Asparagus-Cheese Omlette from Malar Gandhi

22.celery omelet from Malar Gandhi

23.Plain english omelet from Malar Gandhi

24.cheese omelet from Malar Gandhi

25.mushroom omelet from Malar Gandhi tomato omelet from Malar Gandhi style omelet from Malar Gandhi

28.Beets Omelet from Priya Easy and Tasty Recipes

29.Bok choy Omelette from Priya Easy and Tasty Recipes

30.Hearty Omelet from Aarti

31.Mushroom Cream Omelet from Priya Easy and Tasty Recipes

32. Dal Omelet from easy2cook recipes

33.Spicy Ginger Omelet from easy2cook recipes

34.Nuts and Cheese Omelet from easy2cook recipes

35.Oregano Omlette from PG's Kitchen Stories

36.Tofu Onion Omelet from Priya Easy and Tasty Recipes

37.Vegetarian's Omelet from Kitchen Cronicles

38.Vegetarian Tofu Omelet from Priya Easy and Tasty Recipes

39.Garlic chives omelet from Priya Easy and Tasty Recipes

40.Greek sausages, sun dried tomatoes and onion omelette from Ivy

41.Mushrooms, feta, peppers and onions omelette from Ivy

42.Plain diet omelette from Ivy

43.Spinach Omelet from Gita

44.Cheese and Green onion Omelet from Debi Morris

45.Capsicum cheese Omelet from Shama of Easy2cookrecipes

46.Ratatouille Omelet from Contessa Stern

47.Put in everything omelet by Sudeshana

48.Asiago and Bell pepper Omelet by Caitlin

49.Oven Omelet by best kept recipes

50.100 Simple omelets - 1 page cookbook by Ramki

51,52,53.Spicy Tomato Omelet,Sprouted Omelet,Cauliflower omelet by Shama

54.Italian Frittatta by Raji

55.Vegetable Omelet by Shama

56. Spicy Omelet by Raji Karthik


last yr there was an event hosted by kanchana somehow the entries never got posted


Thanks for letting me know. I do not want this event to be a duplicate one. So if it is already an ongoing event please let me know so that I can take it back.

@anonymous, I checked and it was a topic in WBB for a month. But this is a series of 101 recipes. Only the 101 entries get to be counted for the series.


If you find this to be a duplicate event please let me know so that I can take it back.

I have to think of something creative. Thanks for the challenge.

I think this is a great idea! I'll get thinking about my omelet recipe and post it in the next couple of weeks.

that's great challenge, Sangeeth! But I don't make omelets, so sorry I may not participate in this event. Best wishes for hosting such a unique event. I will be waiting for the roundup.

That's a very good idea Sangeeth. But you know that I cannot participate this month. Waiting for next month's series.

Its an excellent thought Sangeeth...great going

Sangeeth definitely you can send your old recipes too. Just send the permalink of that recipe along with the other details

This is an unique thought. All the more, the round up will be interesting with 101 varieties. All the best and I cannot take part in this theme. So waiting for the next announcement.

Hi Sangeeth. I have some Greek omelets, which however I have posted in the past. Do you accept these or is it only for new entries? Congratulations, it sounds like a great event.

Hi Sangeeth,

Can we use Bread also with eggs.



Hi Sangeeth,
Can we use bread also with eggs.




You can send old entries too..just repost them linking it back to the event...


Sky is the limit...u can use anything to prepare omelet.


Thanks for your support...hope this event will be more fun!

This is a real great event dear, I'm just putting on my apron to get some really unique omelet exclusively for your event.
Thanks for mailing me, wish to get some great recipes for my blog event too. Catch it at


I dont eat egg, but oh I am so curious to see 101 ways of making omlette! My hubby is a 'strict non-veggy', and would love to make varieties for him!

i looooove this idea!!! will be sending my entry soon!

I can't view ur vege omelet.. i saw this event last night. I have a vege omelet recipe but want to make sure we don't use the same vegetables.

Thanks myspacekitchen...i have resubmitted the recipe...chk it out...

my method is different fro urs. will send my version very soon.

Hi sangeetha, First time here.Having wonderful blog. It sounds like a great event.I posted Tomato omelet recepie and mailed to you.

Hi Sangeeth, You have a great blog. Nice idea for the contest. keep it up:)

Hi Sangeeth. I just saw your event at My Kitchen stories and count me in. It may take a few days for me to post it but I think I still have time.

hmmm interesting.. i wonder if anyone will make a branded sqaure japanese omelet!

Woww...i loved dis concept...i have mailed an omelete recipe to u..