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Eat Healthy - Fight Dibetes Round up (part 1)

Diabetes - A threat to all human beings. But, it can be easily fought,if you have the right spirit and proper guidance. For a Diabetic, there are three important things.

1. Exercise
2. Medication
3. Proper Diet

Yes! Diet plays a very important role in fighting diabetes. Through this event, I was able to learn a lot from our fellow participants. I take this opportunity to thank them from bottom of my heart for sharing such useful tips. I am very sure that it will be helpful to a lot of people. From my part I wanted to share few facts,

Patients with Type 1 diabetes should have a diet that has approximately 35 calories per kg of body weight per day (or 16 calories per pound of body weight per day). Patients with Type 2 diabetes generally are put on a 1500-1800 calorie diet per day to promote weight loss and then the maintenance of ideal body weight. However, this may vary depending on the person's age, sex, activity level, current weight and body style. More obese individuals may need more calories initially until their weight is less. This is because it takes more calories to maintain a larger body and a 1600 calorie diet for them may promote weight loss that is too fast to be healthy. Read more here.

Also did you know that too much Vitamin c is not good for diabetic hearts? I read this article and was real shocked!

I also came across a good diabetic diet e-book. You can read it here.

You can also get some Diabetes related books and kits from here.

I do not want to overwhelm you with information as we have our participants sharing a lot of information with us. I have divided this roundup into two parts. My second roundup will consists of entries from 4 great friends and supporters of this event. I did this mainly to say my special thanks to Priya, EC, Yasmeen and Srilekha for showing their support and encouragement by sending in 20 or more entries each. Thanks girls!

I have sent the details to Aruna for selecting the 10 recipes which will be up for voting. It might take a couple of days as Aruna has to come up with her choice. I will update you on the same. Thanks for understanding and your support! With no further delay, let me start my Round up - Part 1

Soups good for Diabetes

Healthy Soup by Hetal. She says, "This recipe is not only good for diabetics but all for those who have heart problems. Most diabetics are actually encouraged to eat more complex carbohydrates vegetables are an ideal source of these.The ingredients of this soup are rich in fibre which helps in reduction of cholesterol which is somewhere related to diabetes.Besides fibre they are rich in various nutrients.

The positive metabolic effects of the fibre rich diet are many: reduced after-mealtime hyperglycaemia and delayed hypoglycaemia; increased tissue sensitivity to insulin; reduced cholesterol and triglyceride levels with increased HDL-cholesterol levels; and progressive weight reduction which is very good for the diabetics."

Sarah from What Smells So Good? shares with us a high-fibre, low-sugar, vegetarian and leafy green-filled stew that's satisfying and healthy! - Kale, White Bean and Garlic Stew.

Viji says "Oats is very good for diabetic as well for blood pressure. Here i've added curry leaves into it. It has very medicinal value and also it helps to reduce weight. When taking curry leaves regularly, it controls the amount of sugar in urine. It contains excellent iron" - Ragi Oats Kanchi

Curry leaves not only used as aromatic and can be used as an herb. It is rich in iron & having folic acid. Vallari contains lot of vitamins & minerals.I prepare this mor by using these herbs. Here is the Herbal Neer mor by Viji

Diabetes friendly Salad

Sour Cream - Cucumber Salad "I have used cucumber, lemon & dill which are all proven to fight diabetes." says, Lakshmi Venkatesh

"Sprouted Moong have a lot of fibre content and since they are sprouted are good source of minerals & vitamins. Moreover this salad is a combination of sprouted dal, cucumber, lemon juice etc which are all good for diabetics." - Sprouted Moong Sundal/Salad by Lakshmi Venkatesh

Ragi Porridge by Dil-se. "It is a diabetes fighting food because it has no sugar and comines the goodness of a whole grain-finger millet(ragi)", she adds.

Here 2nd process of rice is Aval(beaten rice). It doesn't contain ricestarch & less in carbohydrate.It converts sugar in blood.WIthout worry dieabetic can have this(type 2).- Milagu Aval by Viji

Bittermelon Salad "The reason my Chinese grandma always insist we eat bittermelon is because the Chinese traditional medicine believes that the bittermelon is a very effective preventive vegetable against diabetes. Counting sugar intake alone is not effective in countering diabetes. Because even if people have diabetes, they still need sugar for energy to function well. What they need is something to help their bodies process the sugar they take in. This is where the bittermelon comes in", shares Heart and Hearth

Channa Salad by Alka

Ragi is good in fiber & protein,less in carbohydrates. It won't increase gulcose level in blood as well as can gain good protein & All the rice has fiber & carbohydrates,boil rice is less in starch(carbohydrates).Ragi gives coolness to intestine. - Ragi Koozh by Viji

Wild Rice Salad by AnuDivya

Chickpea Salad by Vidhas. She also adds that since the salad contains Chick peas which is good in protein and vegetables, and no oil this is ideal diet for diabetic people.

Salsa- This recipe is nutrient dense - it is rich in fiber, low in fat and supplies valuable vitamins and minerals to the diet. More importantly, it is delicious and makes eating healthy enjoyable says, Caitlin McDonnell

Egg and Spinach Salad by Sangeeth. Hey its me! and I used Egg whites and Spinach. Both are rich in proteins and helps fight blood sugar!

Sprouted Moong Dal Salad by Shama

Spinach Poriyal by Shama

Snacks helping to fight diabetes

Baked Sweet Potato Fries "Sweet Potatoes are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C - both powerful antioxidants. It is also considered an anti-diabetic food, which means that it can stabilize blood sugar and lower insulin resistance. Low-fat, low-sugar and great taste make them highly recommended over regular potato recipes for diabetic patients" says, Mansi Desai.

Paalak Methi Nu Muthiya "It has Methi (Fenugreek leaves) that counter act the disease. Infact Methi has been used in Indian cuisine since the Vedic age. Its only now that we are re-discovering its medicinal properties. So much so that Methi is also sold in drug stores acroos the United States, over the counter for lactating mothers as it helps in building more milk for the feeding child. It also has Paalak (Spinach) which is a nutrition power house. The calcium in spinach strengthens bones, which is a must for diabetics, as the they are more prone to weak bones." adds, Navita.

Chicken Tikka "I think it is diabetic friendly because it has minimum amount of carbs and lots of protein for energy." says, Aparna

Oats Delight "This reduce cholesterol, has high protein level and subsides sugar level" says Shama.

Vegan Scones "The use of stevia, dates and raisins to slightly sweeten but not overtly sweet makes this right for a small treat once in a while." adds, Harini.

Diabetes friendly Tiffen Items

"Are foods made using whole grains which are very good for diabetic patients since helps in generating insulin" says Lakshmi Venkatesh and shares Instant Bulgur Rava Idli and Nutrition Powered Oats Dosa

Onion Moong Kara Uttapam "In this recipe i've added whole moong & soya. Both are good in protein & fiber. It willn't increase glucose level in blood at the same time can gain nutrition also. Fiber helps to reduce bad cholestrol. " adds, Viji.

"Lentils, which make up a major portion of this dish, are good for everybody, not just for people with diabetes. They're rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, and high in dietary fiber, as a result of which they are digested slowly resulting in a steady and gradual rise in blood sugar levels (low glycemic index). This also keeps one feeling fuller for longer. Lentils are also a rich natural source of B vitamins and minerals. Besides, its cholesterol-lowering properties also reduce the risk of heart disease in diabetics. In short, it is a good idea for diabetics to have lentils in some form or the other with every meal." - Adai by TBC

Mix Vegetable Paratha "This receipe is Diaberic friendly because it contains lots of vegetables less wheat flour, which means less carbohydrate. I usually friand atta mixing soy beans with wheat. The ratio is i kg wheat 200 gms of soy bean." says, Vidhas.

Wheat Dosa "I feel this is very good for diabetic patients , since wheat has lot of fibre in it and helps them gain energy which they do not get as they avoid rice." says, Kamalika.

Pesarattu "I think it is diabetic friendly because it has minimum amount of carbs and moong dal has lot of protein. It is easy to digest and also contains small amounts of vitamins, fiber and minerals. " adds, Aparna

Besan Parathas "With whole wheat flour, besan, olive oil and side of yogurt it is a balanced and very satisfying meal for a diabetic. Also, besan helps combat diabetes (or so I've been told) " says, Simran.

Ragi Adai "I feel Ragi , helps a lot in controlling diabetes, As when taken as a food , it gives the required amount of energy without the increase in calories or starch content. This has a lot of fibre content that helps fight cholesterol in diabetic patient. Its often said that Diabetes is the mother of all diseases, Ragi helps avoid , cholesterol and hence less Blood pressure and lead to healthy heart along with a balanced weight of the body" adds, Kamalika

We already know more about Oats and Ragi by now, so here are few other entries with Oats and ragi.

Oats Idly by Shama

Oats Upma by Shama

Oats Dosa by Shama

Ragi Morkili by Jaishree

Ragi Idiyappam by Jaishree

Side Dishes

"Palak Paneer is a power pack combination for anyone as I have already mentioned. Paneer is an excellent source of protein, while Spinach is full of nutirents like calcium, folate, iron, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin A & also a great source of lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoid phytonutrients that are important for healthy eyes. I use methi/fenugreek whenever I make Palak Paneer which is great for people with diabetes. Besides this dish is carb. free" says, Soma Rathore

Brussels Sprouts Curry "Brussels Sprouts have very high nutritional value and has proven to be a valuable aid in curing diabetics" adds, Lakshmi Venkatesh

Stir Fried Bittermelon with Crabmeat by Heart and Hearth.

"Palak Tofu is a low-carb dish with the carb value coming under 7g. This dish is packed with vital nutrients and also rich in protein from the tofu and fiber from the spinach" says Gita.

Baingan Bhartha -"My Mom suffers from Type 2 diabetes for teh alst 10 years and also take insulin injections, she has got lots of Nos in lots of food. Baigan bharta is such a recipe which she takes without fear. No sugar, little oil and mostly roasted - so I am sending this recipe as a tribute to my mom and all her pains to push injections every night." adds, Sudeshana.

Murungaikeerai(drumstick)Kootu - " It contains very good iron & folic acid and it helps to improve hemoglobin in blood. It is very good for diabetic patients.When taking proper iron in our regular meal, it helps to reduce weight. I’ve collected some details about Murungai keerai & would like to share with all. Here I’ve added kollu also but its optional." says, Viji.

Bitterguard/Pavaka Curry by Sangeeth

Tondekai Curry "Ivy gourd contains beta-carotene, a major vitamin A precursor from plant sources. It is also considered a good source of protein and fiber.

According to a study published in a 1998 issue of the Indian Journal of Medical Sciences, the mechanism for diabetes control is that ivy gourd may suppress the activity of certain enzymes involved in glucose production, such as G-6-phosphatase." says Chitra & Dibs

Pureed White beans "Legumes are always a healthy option for diabetics. Beans contain amylase inhibitors which help to slow the absorption of other starches consumed during the same meal. It makes sense, then, to eat beans frequently, and especially at celebratory meals when people tend to overeat. My recipe for pureed white beans is perfect to either replace or mix with mashed potatoes, that fluffy concoction that graces so many of our holiday tables." adds, Amanda

Red Kidney Beans curry "I ate Rajma a lot when I was suffering from Gestational Diabetes. This is one of the few foods that women who suffer can eat without worrying about the numbers, as it has enough protein and folate AND is also filling:).One can have 2 servings, 1/2 cup each and that would equal approximately 30 g. carbs. At least this paired with 1 thin roti 6″ in diameter along with LOTS of lettuce and cucumber worked very well for me." shares, Nidhi.

Kovakai Podimas "Kovakaai/tindora/Ivy guard is rich in beta carotene.This vegetable is often recommended to diabetic people as it has low glycemic index and helps regulates blood glucose . Kovakaai contains beta-carotene, a major vitamin A precursor from plant sources.
" adds, Ambika.

Tofu Matar Curry "New research published in the Journal of Nutrition shows that isolated soy protein demonstrates remarkable health benefits for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. In this research, male military veterans who were undergoing treatment for the advanced stages of type 2 diabetes were able to significantly lower unwanted proteins in their urine while also slightly raising levels of HDL cholesterol - the so-called "good" cholesterol -- in their blood by eating soy protein." adds, Cilantro.

Garlic Kozhambhu by Shama

Main Dishes

As Main Dishes both Ambika and Shama has sent in their Garlic Rice Recipe. "Garlic has been tested and found to have antioxidant properties and micro-circulatory effects and could help reduce blood glucose, increase insulin secretion, and slow its degradation.", Says Ambika.

Desserts good for Diabetes

Goosberry Squash "Since Gooseberry contains chromium, it has a therapeutic value in diabetics. Indian Gooseberry or Amla stimulate the isolated group of cells that secrete the hormone insulin. Thus it reduces blood sugar in diabetic patient." says, Lakshmi Venkatesh.

Blackeye pea cupcakes by Sarah from What Smells So Good?

Khajur Roll by Meghapandya (Recipe from a Reader)

Pomogranite Juice "Pomegranate juice provides vitamins and minerals, it is loaded with sugar. A glass of pomegranate juice provides approximately 50% of an adult's recommended daily allowance (RDA) of the vitamin A,C and E, 100% RDA of folic acid, and 13% RDA of potassium." adds, Shama.

My first round up ends here and will catch you soon with Part 2 of the round up. Once again I thank each and every one for their support and participation. Do let me know if any of you recipes are missing.


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