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Meet our EH- Fight Diabetes Sponsor!

I have been looking out for sponsors for the EH event for long time now. When I posted this Diabetic friendly recipe contest, one of my childhood friend, who is a regular reader of this blog, contacted me and was willing to sponsor this event. I am very thankful to her. When I asked why this event? She said that she was a victim herself to gestational diabetes and wanted to support each and every mom who is suffering from gestational diabetes through this event.

Let me introduce you all to my dear friend Aruna, from Minneapolis. She is an IT consultant and a loving proud MOM! When she volunteered to sponsor, she was very particular in dedicating it to her lovely daughter Sandhya. So it is cute Sandhya who is the sponsor here! My best wishes to her.

So friends, meet our lovely sponsor...SANDHYA!

Ofcourse Aruna will be judging on behalf of our little sandhya!

Every mom will have the fear of getting gestational diabetes during pregnancy and hence I asked Aruna on behalf of all the 'to be moms' these following questions.

How did you feel when you were told that you had gestational diabetes?

My pregnancy was progressing normally till the 24th week. I was just another pregnant woman experiencing all the happiness she can get until I got the call from my Ob/Gyn’s office that day. My nurse called me to let me know that my test results for gestational diabetes turned out to be positive. She also let me know that mine was an extreme case and I need not take the second screening because the first screening was so high that my diabetic condition is confirmed. I was shocked but I started to think ahead and asked her what needed to be done next. The rest that happened all changed me into a totally new person: they made me more brave, face lots of challenges and helped me control my mind from extreme sugar cravings.

What are the precautions you would suggest?

Even if you are pregnant, don’t indulge yourself too much by eating lots of sweets, ice cream and other tempting stuff. Stick to a very very healthy diet. It is very important not only for you but also for your baby. Don’t stop exercising but keep it light. I would say, keep walking all throughout your pregnancy. Relax and take rest. Don’t over stress yourself.

How did you take care of yourself during pregnancy with gestational diabetes?

Just make sure that you eat fresh green vegetables. Measure your portions when you eat. Don’t over eat or over indulge in anything. Try to reduce your stress and relax by taking a nice long walk. Lastly, be truly happy from inside – you are not sacrificing anything. You are just doing this for yourself and for the little one.

Is it dangerous to have gestational diabetes?

Not at all. It is just a condition that will go away the same day you deliver your baby. I won’t ask you to stay away from sugars all together. Just try to limit your cravings. After all, it is all for your good.

What will you say to a pregnant lady with gestational diabetes?

I just have only one thing to say: Think about the bundle of joy that you will have in your hands after everything is over. Maybe all the sufferings you endured have given you this priceless treasure in your hands. And you will hear a soft whisper in your ears…”YOU DESERVED IT MOM!”

And the main thing is consult you doctor!

Thanks Aruna and Sandhya for Supporting this event. It means a lot. Hope to see you during the round up!


Cute Little Sandhya! My thanks to Aruna for sponsoring the event.

Thanks to Sandhya and Aruna.. and to you Sangeeth.. We will have a line-up of so many diabetic-friendly recipes for everyone.. I have many relatives with the ailment.. My grandpa,my MIL, my aunt.. This will be a great event.. Thanks for doing this yaar.. great idea..

Even I have a lot of relatives with sugar DIL,my peripa and now recently my mom has joined the club!

That's a great topic to talk of. I am glad you brought it up and that's a nice write up!! Keep up the good work!

This is a great series you have going here. However as a pharmacist, let me give you some more information regarding this topic (and i dont mean to scare enyone- only to emphasize healthy eating)...although gestational diabetes goes away as soon as you deliver, the chances of a woman with a history of gestational diabetes having diabetes in the future (at an older age) are more likely compared to those who do not have diabetes during pregnancy. So eat right all your life.

That's a very touching interview. I was borderline diabetic with my pregnancy. Thanks aruna and sandhya for sponsoring this event.

Thanks a lot for the added info priyanka....I appreciate it!

Cute baby...Wat a great work..really will be helpful n very informative for pregnant moms who were suffering from gestational diabetes..

Sandhya is so cute....and thanks to Aruna for this information and thanks to you for this post.

Have something for u in my blog,check it out!!

Sangeeth, I think that is one of your best informative interviews. And Aruna I think is brave and confident. I love the way she has given her inputs to all the questions in the interview. Very nice.

Cute Little Sandhya! My thanks to Aruna for sponsoring the event.Thanks for this useful information.....

Thanks for such a great interview dear Sangeeth! Thanks Aruna for sponsoring this event. Sandhya is a real cutie pie.

nice tips! good to know what's available out there for to-be-moms..thanks Aruna and sandhya!:)

Thanks Sangeeth for the interesting interview.Some of my friend had GD while pregnant. They mostly avoided Rice and sweets throughout pregnancy,which is kinda hard if you've cravings for sweet. But for ahealthy offspring they did not care to sacrifice their temptations.
Thanks Aruna for talking to us about your experience with GD.The baby is cute:)

Hi a good interview sure to help all the women out there with GD. My co-sis had GD during her second pregnancy and I do know how it feels. It is indeed every pregnant woman's fear when she goes for her diabetic test. And surely avoiding sweet cravings during pregnancy is not the only attribute to GD, so if you are pregnant don't worry have fun and eat healthy and if you have a sweet craving balance it with other things too... and if you don't have GD, treat yourself!