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Halloween Party Celebrations 2008!

I must say this time I am very determined to get involved in the Halloween celebrations in my neighborhood. Last year, I was new to this whole Halloween concept. I was more of an audience than a participant. Mainly because I was not invited to any Halloween Party! This time it is going to be different as one of my friends have invited me to their Halloween party!

Halloween 2008

Photo by: euart

So to prepare myself for the party, I had to do some research on Halloween traditions, history and also on some of the Halloween recipes. I am invited to help in the Halloween party decorations too! I am really excited! I have been trying out some crochet Halloween crafts for kids and I hope it will be useful. I made a Boo bookmark, A candy holder and Crochet Spider.

As for the Halloween recipes, it was more a Halloween Baking.I must say how I failed miserably baking my first monster cookie. I know most of them had a great laugh after seeing my cookie picture. My Broomstick cookie turned into a table tennis cookie and my monster cookie turned into a funny bunny cookie! Try, Try, Try, till you succeed and I did try! With a lot of perseverance I made the

Quick and Easy Monster Sandwich

Ghost Cupcakes- A Halloween Dessert Recipe

Monster Cupcake - Another Halloween Dessert recipe

Crochet Spider crawling to its cupcake web!- Halloween Special

Quick and Easy Beetroot Salad

Broomstick Cookies

I am making all these recipes as part of the Halloween party menu and I am going to scare people to death! Ha! I know it comes naturally to me! Happy and safe Halloween to all the kids out there who are all excited about the Trick or treats! and their parents who have shown their creative side in figuring out the Halloween costumes for their kids, this year! Need more ideas for this Halloween? Check this you will be surprised.

Before I end this post, if you are hosting a party or going to be a part of one, I am pretty sure that you are going to take pictures. Recently I came across this great tips for taking Halloween pictures and thought it would surely be useful. Boo your crowd!


Do let us know what your this year's Halloween plans are. What costume are you going to wear? Are you hosting a Halloween Party?


Hi Sangeeth,
Wish u a happy diwali in advance and there is a little surprise for you on my blog , so check out this link

Thanks much for the how to take good photos link!

Have a blast with your Halloween parties! :)

Hey Sangeeth, the loading seems fine at my end. I don't see a problem at all. (In fact I tried reloading several times...) SO far so good.

Hi Sangeeth, the loading seems fine at my end. I don't see a problem at all.

Hi Sangeeth BOOOO:-)

Its loading alright.. my site takes much longer to load than this..

Ehjoy your Halloween party & Trick or Treating.
I carved pumpkins, which i really really enjoyed, cooked some and will take my kids out in the neighborhood.

Loading is quite fine at my end too...i cant see any problem at all..its just like as before, Have a blast with ur Halloween party Sangeeth...

happy halloween to u. hope u have fun. the menu looks really spooky.

Hi Sangeeth,
Loading is fine at my end. I hope you have a fun Halloween!!! What are you dressing up as? I love that picture of the pumpkin! I am sure you are going to have lots of laughs ha! ha!

Thank you for that sambar powder recipe! I was wondering what was in it! Happy Halloween girl!!!