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Quick and Easy Beetroot or Bloody salad for Halloween

Quick and Easy Beetroot Salad for HalloweenWhen it comes to bloody appearance, no vegetable can replace the beets. Beetroots contributes to a very healthy diet. I have already written about how beetroots lower blood pressure. Why not include this healthy vegetable in our Halloween Recipes?

Halloween means ghosts, scaring people, blood etc. So I thought it would be the best idea to include Beetroot into the Halloween dinner recipe. You need not do anything special for beetroot to become a part of Halloween. Just grate them and make a simple salad. It sure will look like blood or something bloody.

To make this simple and easy Halloween beetroot salad recipe, you will need

(For 3 people)

1 Medium size beetroot
1 tsp lime juice
1 Carrot (optional)
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
1 tbsn vinegar


Grate the Beetroot, carrot.

If you want half cook the beets else you can have them raw too.

Sprinkle with vinegar.

Add salt and pepper.

Mix well. Add the lime juice and serve.


You can also add some roasted nuts to this salad.

Finely chopped onions will also add a great taste to this salad

Quick and easy right? It is healthy too. Why don't we all try something healthy for this Halloween?Who is with me?


A great addition to the halloween party menu.Liked the color.

OMG! look at the color! certainly a bloody salad for halloween. Good one dear.

Thats a yummy..bloody salad Sangeeth..I make a similar one too..

I adore beets and this sounds like a fine way to enjoy them. Love the addition of lime.