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Ghost cupcake - A Halloween Dessert Recipe!

I am learning a lot about baking now a days. It is a mesmerizing art for sure. Once you get into it and if it has clicked for you once, you will never quit baking. Though I had my initial baking failures, these Halloween cupcakes came upto my satisfaction.

How can you not have a Ghost for Halloween? So I made these cute Ghost Cupcakes. Hope you like these. These are one of my first Icing arts so you might see some amateur mistakes. But I like them a lot and they tasted truly divine.

The Ghost said 'Boo!!! Do not eat me or I will scare you to death' and we Booed back and ate him with a smile.

You will need,

Classic Cupcake recipe as a base to prepare the cupcakes.

Orange Icing for the background.

White Icing for the ghost.

Black Icing for the eyes of the ghost.

Refrigerate it for 30 min before serving as a Halloween Dessert.


Hi Sangeeth...these ghosts are absolutely precious & I love how they look. Thanks for stopping by; yes, I went back & checked & it should have only been on the 15th. have put it back into editing. Silly me. Your blog has a nice neat look. Have you designed it? Cheers Deeba

I am so glad u are getting better, we can see more baked goodies then.

Sangeeth, i have something waiting for you in my blog :)

i like all your haloween desserts.. i am also motivated do try out something this time.

Baking hooks me in stages. It's always fun and I'll be hooked for a little while and make a few creations but it always gets to the point where I just have to stop. Either it's because my freezer can only hold so much bread, muffins and scones or because I hit upon a recipe or two that doesn't turn out good and there's nothing I can't stand more than wasting food.

Looks like you hit it right with those cupcakes though, not too shabby for your, what, second batch of cupcakes ever?

Sooooo cute! I wouldn't have liked to eat them, after all the trouble taken to make the icing :-))))

ooh!nice ghost i think ur becoming painter..these days .really it looks cute and yummy

These are so fun, we're trying these tonight at home!

Have something for ya! Check it out here

wow looking yummy.. good keep trying after some time you will become master of baking and I will be ur chela :). I started baking recenly but not yet tried cup cakes. A bit scared yar.

Hi Sangeeth,
The ghost looks cute. Love the icing. I have never tried cupcakes before. I am going to bake soon with this type of icing.

these look ghostly delicious.