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Paneer Tikka Masala (Marinated Cottage Cheese cubes cooked the Indian way)

Paneer - One word that makes me drool. I know there are many like me who loves to eat paneer, however cooked. There are numerous recipes with Paneer - The South Asian cottage Cheese , Can I say? Paneer is a protein rich food and I thought why not cook something with Paneer and send it to my Eat Healthy Protein Rich Contest. Of course This entry will not be considered for the prize. LOL! ok fine. Now coming to the great Paneer Tikka masala. Whenever I think of tikka masala I just can't keep thinking about the Chicken Tikka served in hotels. Though I am a vegetarian, I love the way few non-vegetarian recipes are presented and served in the hotels. And this food is one among them. When I thought of a substitute for chicken to try at home, two things came to my mind. One is Soy (meal maker) and the other is Paneer. I don't know how Soy Tikka masala will taste like, but can tell you for sure, that Paneer Tikka masala will make you go glutton.

Paneer can be prepared easily at home and there are a numerous blogs that teaches you how to prepare paneer at home. I have not tried it, so my blog doesn't have one yet. But will soon be trying, so a post on how to prepare homemade paneer is on its way. When I was searching for a recipe to prepare this scrumptious food, I came across this lovely blog Cook Easy by Rachna. Though, I guess she has stopped writing (Her last entry was on Nov 30, 2006), this recipe was really luring me to cook. She has explained it so very well that I did not add anything to her recipe. Mine is an exact replica of hers. Take a look at her Paneer Tikka Masala recipe.

Now for my experience with this delicious recipe. I first wanted to prepare Paneer at home and try this recipe. However, I didn't have the patience to wait till next week because I did not have curd in my kitchen. Oops! so what else ...the next minute I was running (not literally ;)) to the grocery shop near by. Great, now I have all the ingredients to prepare my favourite paneer Tikka masala. This is the first time I prepared this recipe and I am so very happy that it came out really good.

The very next thing that came to my mind is, Your Recipe Rocks. Though I know about this event for more than 3 months, I couldn't participate. Really do not know why. But, now I have this Paneer Tikka masala recipe walking to Your Recipe Rocks event hosted by Madhuram of Eggless cooking. I love eating this food the way it is. In Tamil we say, 'Appidiye sapiduven' like in horlicks advertisement!

This recipe is also walking to Curry Mela hosted by Srivalli. Another inspiring food blogger. With her roti mela and dosa mela I learnt a lot about the varieties and with this curry mela I hope to learn more and become a pro.

And one more... off it goes to Paneer: A delicacy hosted by Vandana of Cooking up something nice.

So...what do you say about my multitasking Paneer recipe :) - One recipe to 4 events!


Paneer tikka is my favorite dish too Sangeeth. Reg. YRR, you have to cook a main dish from another blog. Hope you can do it this month. Thank you.

sure dear madhuram...will do this month....

delicious gravy Sangeeth! Looks so scrumptious. 4 events with one recipe, good going dear!

WOW mouthwatering entry, love this!!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I could honestly eat paneer everyday. I'm drooling here, as this is one of my very favorite ways to serve it. You have some fantastic recipes here.

looks yummy and delicious... fantastic entry dear

delicious greavy! It shoul be tasty.

paneer tikka masala looks delicious sangeeth! i had just posted the chicken tikka masala yesterday!! so the two versions are on side by side now ;-)

looks yum,,,nd nice colur too,...

wow, just have a nan and starat eating fast. :)). good one.

That is one dish I can go gluttonous over! It looks fantastic!! :)

Hi, This paneer tikka looks absolutely delicious.

Nice post , kudos

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