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Kaju Katli - The most delicious sweet with cashews

Whenever I go to a sweet shop, the first sweet that I will search for is Kaju katli - Cashew sweet. This is one of the richest sweet. You know why I call it rich...yes both its flavour and its cost is high when compared to other sweets. Yet, the one sweet that makes me glutton is this Kaju katli. Though it is high is calories, you can consume it occasionally, just to treat yourself for your great achievements. Till yesterday, I used to think that this is one big difficult sweet to prepare. But now, I completely changed my opinion after making a trial at my new kitchen. It took only about 15mts to prepare this sweet and of course it was scrumptious. When I was browsing my old cook I came across this easy recipe for making Kaju katli - the sweet with cashew! Here I am sharing the kaju katli recipe with you.


1 cup of cashew

1 1/2 cup of sugar

2 tsp of milk

3/4 cup of water

A pinch of cardamom powder

1 tbsp of Ghee/melted Butter


In a heavy pan, add the water and sugar and mix it well to make the syrup. Add milk to it when the syrup comes to a boil.

Meanwhile, grind the cashews in a mixer so that it becomes evenly powdered. Do this step carefully as while grinding it may form lumps.

Add this powdered cashew to the sugar syrup little by little and stir continuously so that we can avoid lumps getting formed.

Cook in Sim flame till the mixture becomes semi-solid and comes without sticking to the vessel.

At this time add ghee and cardamom powder and mix well and immediately switch off the stove.

Pour this mixture on a plate covered with aluminium foil and allow it to cool.

Cut it into diamond shape or your favourite shape and store it in an air tight container.
I couldn't wait to taste them, so I cut them while they were hot, which made me end up with a kind of irregular shaped wait till it cools down to get better shape.

Note: Kaju Katli is a very famous sweet in the North India and you can make this for any of your parties and impress your guest with something rich and be proud!


Love kaju katli, looks mouthwatering. yumm yumm!!!

Even i tried many times ... it wont come pieces. but your is nice came pieces...will try to add your ingredients

Oh I love kaju katli..Great that made them at home..

thl look yum..//easy recipe too,..will send my post soon,..was busy todya,hppy weekend.:-)

OMG one of my fav sweet. My husband love this sweet. I never thought tryin it at home. you just make crave for it and thanks for sharing it here.

Oh love katli.. my hubbys fav...

kaju katli looks yummm ,nice recipe

KAju Katli rocks!!

*calls out to mom to note the recipe*


That is one amazing mithai that is simply hogged by sindhis(excluding me )
The procedure i follow is exactly same,except that i use 250 gms cashews :200 gm sugar ratio with 1 cup of water,and i also add few drops of white rose esence to give it bit of aroma and rosy flavor.But somehow it comes out bit dry and not as moist and soft as those in sweet shops
I m gonna try this variation too and will surely let u know how it turns out to be

i love kaju katli .. Am drooling over those pics .. Have never attempted it @ home, worried abt getting the consistency right . looks lovely

I never knew Kaju Katli recipe is so simple, and can be made at home. I have always bought it from Pulla Reddy sweet shop in Hyderabad, and take it as gift packs for occasions. I will surely try this now:-) Thanks so much!

I love kaju katli...thanks for this wonderful recipe!

oh wow, sangeeth!! a perefct lil kind of recipe!! :-) dont cut it for me, i'll have the whole thing please!!

Hi sangeeth thanks for dropping by at my blog,my husband loves kaju katlis...this is really easy to make...u make it sound so simple...thanx

Hey, I made Kaju Katli for Diwali for the first time using your recipe.It was great. Thanks a lot. I have posted the recipe on my blog. Please feel free to check it and leave comments.
Happy Diwali and happy cooking!!

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