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Homemade Baked Tortillas with juicy Mango Dip

Tortillas - One of the crunchiest snack I have ever tasted. I love the taste, but when its a fried item, it does make me feel guilty. Not that I am dieting and all, I am now a days very health conscious. When I saw these lovely,crispy, crunchy tortillas prepared at home by my dear friend Zlamushka of Zlamushka's spicy kitchen, I was really happy. Now I know a way to prepare them in my kitchen without using oil. Hurray! and here I am with the homemade baked tortilla chips.

Take a look at the recipe of Baked homemade tortilla chips. I just added chilli powder and some coriander powder to give a spicy taste. I also prepared Mango dip to go along with this tortillas.

Day before yesterday, we went to Costco and I found lovely mangoes there. As you all know, you get only in big quantities in these warehouses, I got nearly 6 to 7 mangoes. Though I love eating these mangoes just like that, I wanted to try out something new with these mangoes. When I was browsing I came across this lovely Mango Dip.

For Mango Dip You need
1 mango
1 cup yogurt (Plain. But if you want it to be flavoured, go the boss)
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp cumin powder
Salt to taste

Peel the mangoes and cut them into small pieces. In a blender add the cut mango and all other ingredients and blend them till they are smooth and evenly mixed.
Transfer it to a container and if you want you can decorate with cut coriander leaves. I did not do this because by husband doesn't like it that way.

This dip is very spicy. It combines a sour,sweet and spicy taste which makes you want more. Also it goes well with these tortillas or any chips for that matter. It sure makes a very good evening snack.


Baked tortilla chips look so tasty with mango dip. Thanks for sharing the recipes.

this looks tasty,..tortilla that too homemade ones,..delicious,..and the mngo dip looks yummy tooo

Your dish looks delicious! I am sure the combination tasted awesome.

awesome, sangeeth!! :-) the dip just makes me drool!

I am so touched you made these :-) Great tip on adding the spices. Will surely try next time. NAd your mango dip sounds just like something mine were missing :-)

THanks again, hope it was tasty...

Thanks for trying this recipe Sangeeth and letting us know how it came. I'm going to so try it very soon. I'm already thinking of the variations I can make.