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Master Chef Australia - Can't wait for the new season!

There are days when I have felt too lazy and uninspired to be even standing in the kitchen, leave alone cooking something. Those days, I think how my mother and grandma cooked all meals, 365 days, at home. Must be very boring. But, to be honest, I strongly believe that they are more creative than I am. They are able to make different dishes with the same ingredients and using different techniques.Wow! must be an art.

Now a days, people want to know to cook different dishes at home. Try new stuff to either impress their family or for self satisfaction. Whatever may be the reason, there are a lot of help out there. You can learn a lot about restaurant type cooking, at home, free of cost. Yes, I am talking about the growing cookery shows and competitions that are aired on different channels. There are a couple, that caught my attention. Master chef Australia is one among them. I love the Indian series too.


Season 3 of master chef AU was the first cookery competition that I followed through out the end. An inspiring series, which allowed me to learn a lot about cooking and especially plating. I never ever thought platting a dish was as important as the taste of the dish. Amateur! It has inspired me to plate my simple dishes and present it to my family with pride. Though, I was not aware of this cookery competition  before, I was able to watch the reruns here from India. I watched the rerun of season 3 since STAR WORLD did not air it live back then. But now, for all the foodie lovers, there is a greatest treat you could ever ask for from a television channel - THE SEASON 4 airs LIVE! Starts JUN 14,2012. Yummy!

Since Season 3 was a rerun, I had the opportunity to know what is going to happen before hand from the internet. It was a different experience to watch a show knowing who would be eliminated that day. Its kind of cheating- I loved it. Still made me cry when Kate was announced the winner of season 3. That is the power of the show. This time its going to be even more interesting as its aired live. My husband and I are very eagerly looking forward to this. He has tried a couple of the this shows recipes and have impressed me. You can find the recipes and the details of the participants and anything and everything you want to know about the show on their website- Master Chef Australia.

The judges are very friendly and never discourages at any point of the competition. Even if the food turns out to be a disaster, they have a very gentle way of telling you. The exposure that the participants get here is tremendous. They get to work with major chefs in the world, lot of cook offs that brings out your talent under heavy pressure and most of all they let you cook for a party/canteen etc where you'll gain the experience to cook for more people under given time. This brings out the best in you.

Currently, we are watching the rerun of Junior Master chef AU season 1 and I am loving it. The kids are very talented and it is a treat to watch them cook. The best thing about the Master Chef competition is that, the participants are normal people. By that I mean, they are not professional chefs. Even you and me can participate. But since it is conducted in Australia, we just have the privilege to watch it from our very living rooms and be excited for them. So, if you live in India and you have a cable connection, DO NOT forget to tune in to STAR WORLD this Jun 14th, 9.00 PM. There is awesomeness waiting for you to be experienced.


Its true. I am also waiting for the hindi version, master chief india. Although I have watched few episodes.

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Abhishek Erach

this is just lovin it!

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deliciously delicious.....

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I love this programme very much.I really enjoy watching master chef.

masterchief is something i never missed. they have the indian version as well. Just love it.
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