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Restaurantware - Worth a visit.

One of my friends once said that she watches food network channel just to look at the variety and amazing cookware they use. It amazes me that there are people who give more importance to the cookware and tableware rather than the quality of food. However, she does make a point. An excellent food served in an ordinary looking tableware does loose its overall points. I realized this when I went to a potluck party. People talked more about the tableware than the food which was served, which was amazing by the way.

A good cook is always proud and happy to present his/her dish in an high quality and visually appealing tableware. There are a lot of websites offering table wares and cookwares. However, I was impressed with one which was dedicated to restaurant ware at affordable price 

The first thing that caught my eye was their black tableware especially their Stiletto Appetizer Spoon and Tear Drop Appetizer Spoon 

The look was very appealing. Then I thought,  hey! I have seen something like that on most of the cooking shows.  I could own them and use it to serve my guests. The very thought made me feel proud and happy. 


Not only that, they also have Disposable Plates which I think can be used more than once if washed by hand. If that is possible, then it is a great deal for the price.  They are also Catering Food Products to help us ease our cooking. Their appetizing jellies, spreads, Pidy tart shells and cones help us create different variety of recipes with less preparation time without compromising on the quality.

The good thing is they accept Paypal and it is eco-friendly, high-end, and affordable. Also, they do both US and international shipping. They are offering upto 67% savings on certain products. Use this link to go their discount page-  restaurantware. This could make a great deal if you are planning to buy them in bulk and use it for the future. They are doing a free shipping on all orders if you buy more than $500, which I think would add up to very easily especially if you look at their Fall/Winter catalog (Top Right corner). It is very hard to say no to these products if you are a passionate cook. 

Personally, I recommend you to go through their entire website when you are free and get some great deals on products you love by buying them in bulk and using them in the future. Do let me know what you think about their products in the comments below. It will surely help people make a decision.


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