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Puffed Poori/Puri - Reader's question (How To)

How to make the Puri/poori puff up? How do you make the poori stay puffed for a longer time?How can you make Poori not absorb more oil? These are few of the usual questions we get while cooking poori. I received few mails asking these same questions and so I thought of making Poori to find out. Not only this, my good friend Jai, asked me to post Poori recipe. So here comes the Poori, all puffed up.

Puffed Poori - How to


1 cup Wheat flour (atta)
2 tsp Suji/Semolina
Warm water to make the dough
Few drops of Oil to coat the dough
Oil to deep fry
Salt to taste


In a bog bowl, mix the flour,salt and Suji. Add warm water little by little and make the dough.

The dough must be a tight dough, unlike chapati dough which is soft.

When the dough is ready coat it with few drops of oil and rest the dough for 15 min.

Do not rest it for more than 15-20 mts. Poori, unlike chapati must be prepared immediately after making the dough.

In a Kadai/Pan, heat the oil.

Meanwhile, take small portion of the rough and press it into a round shape, using the roller.

Now add the Poori into the hot oil.

Serve hot with Potato Masal (the same one which we use for masal dosa), chutney or side dish of your choice.

Now to the regular questions,

How to make the Poori Puff up?

When you add the Poori in the hot oil, wait till it comes up and immediately press it with a big spoon. Immerse it in the oil and this will release the bubbles and the poori will puff up.

Note: If you press the poori,

- before it floats on the oil, the poori will never puff up.

- few seconds after the poori floats in oil, it will form lots of small bubbles.

How can you make poori stay puffed up for longer time?

This was a mystery to me too. But, recently I figured out that adding little bit of Suji/Semolina will make the poori stay puffed for a longer time. I learnt this from Sanjay (Vah Chef).

How can you make Poori not absorb more oil?

This is very simple, always use fresh oil for frying. When you use oil which has been used more than once, poori will absorb a lot of oil and stay sticky.

Hope my learning was useful. Make puffed Poori and let me know if these tricks worked for you too. Do you have any special tips that you use while preparing Poori? Share it with us!


Superb poori di, Will try adding suji this time when i do it.
BTW Thanks for considering my request :-)

Superb poori di, Will try adding suji this time when i do it.
BTW Thanks for considering my request :-)

That looks perfect Sangeeth. My dad used to add some rava to keep it puffed... :)

WOw am drooling over the puffed poori..will die for puffed poori n channa masala together...looks awesome Sangeeth..

Yes, adding rava does the trick. My mother always does that. The pooris have puffed up so nicely.

Ofourse adding Suji to the Pooris make it fluff up and thats the reason suji is added to make puri's for pani puri... You have given a lovely description and answered all the questions... Puris look perfect...

Wow, puffed up puri is making me hungry! Thanks for so many useful tips sangeeth!

Yes adding suji to poori really works,but in our regular poori's we don't add suji becoz it makes the upper cover crispy and due to which the cover comes out in small pieces, usually children find it difficult to eat. we also add salt to the dough which gives it a good taste.
Whenever u add poori to oil see that the oil is hot, if the tempertature of oil is low, then poori will not puff, never roll the dough in dry atta while making poori, the dry atta will soak lots of oil, instead cover the dough with little oil and then roll the poori.
don't roll the poori's too thin, it will not puff, even if it puff then it will not stand puffed for long time.
Hope this will help.

Look at perfection! I've got to give this a try.

Looks like I have indeed missed some goodies here... ;)

puffed poori looks really between I will share my idea..

To avoid wastage of time and make more poori's I roll dough big enough and cut into 4 parts which makes triangle poori's...rather than one...