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Khajur Roll - A Diabetic friendly sweet

This is an other recipe from one of my readers, Megha. "This is a sweet which is good for diabetic people as it contains no sugar", says Megha. Yes! people, no sugar! and no jaggery can we prepare a sweet like this? Is this what you are thinking right now?, then join me in learning Khajur Roll.

Ingredients: (For 5 people)

black dates - 500 grams
milk powder - 500 grams
cashew - 5 pieces
walnut - 5 pieces
pure ghee - 3 teaspoons
silver wrappings - 2 sheets


Cut the black dates in small pieces. Wash thoroughly and make it dry.

Take 3 teaspoons pure ghee & fry the pieces of the dates in a pan for 5 min in low heat.

Shake well during frying. Add dry fruit mixture & mix it properly. Allow it to cool it in a plate.

In another plate take milk powder & prepare it's dough the same way we prepared the black dates dough.

Prepare chapatis(roll it like roti) separately of dates & milk powder (u can use plastic sheet to make it more easily.)

Place chapati of milk powder on chapatis of black dates & roll it.

Place silver wrappings on it. Make the rolls of remaining dough of dates & milk powder accordingly.

Keep all the prepared rolls in deep freeze.

After 10 minutes cut the rolls in round shape and serve it with walnuts & almonds.

Thanks Megha for sending such a great sweet for the Eat Healthy Event. Did you know? you can submit your recipes too using the Submit form. Hoping to see a lot of healthy recipes.

On another note, Thanksgiving is around and I would like to wish all of you a great Thanksgiving and try atleast one Indian recipe for this Thanksgiving and enjoy!

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wow.. gotto try this. will let u know it turns out.

No sugar scores more points sounds great and when you say dates and dry fruits am all for it...

This sure sounds great as it gets some sweetness from the dates and the fruit.

I do make dates and nuts ball the same way. Using milk powder and making a roll is a good idea.

This is a great recipe! Anudivya too had made something similar once:)

This sounds delicious...need to try..also dates r real energy booster..

sugar free kaaju rolls sound so healthy.