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French Fries - Mc Donald or Burger King?

When it comes to French fries it is always McDonald for me. I have tried making french fries at home and have never been successful in making something atleast close to the original recipe. May be we have to spy and get the original recipe. Do you know some one who works for them?OK. I am crossing the line here. Tell me, which is your favorite w.r.t french fries, McD or Burger King?

Last weekend I craved for french fries. whats with this craving and me? It is like daily I get an urge to eat something different but all from restaurants, no home cooking.Hmm... this either means that I am becoming lazy or the restaurant people have bribed me. Clearly the second option is ruled out. So we land on me being Lazy again! Duh! But finally prepared French fries at home!

Homemade French fries

Now for the Homemade French Fries. BTW does anyone knows why these are called french fries? please enlighten me!


3 potatoes (The kind of Potatoes which are for baking/frying)

1 tsp of chilli powder(optional)

A pinch of salt

Oil for deep frying


Cut your potato into any shape you want.

Wash them and dry them with paper towels.

In a pan, heat oil and fry these potatoes at 355- 360 deg F.

Toss them with salt and chilli powder if you want and enjoy!

Note: I have tried the same method with the normal potatoes but dint turn out well. So I guess the secret is using the potatoes especially meant for baking/frying.


Thats not fair,if u r craving for something sinful, why drag us too ,to indulge? Now wont we crave for the same after looking at these crispy SINS !
Well i had heard that if chopped potatoes are stored in refrigerator for sometime before frying,they turn out to be more crisp...never tried that way...but if someday i plan to shock my hubby ,i will surely fry these ,that way and wud let u know whether the tip works or not !

maybe its the beef fat that McD's uses to fry the potatoes. it? I dint know that!

yes, I heard it too that they used to fry french fries using beef fat oil! But now they're just using vegetable oil as many protested against it!

Making French Fries at home is a great idea Sangeeth, so that we can enjoy these guilt-free! looks so mouth-watering. I love FF too!

Reg. the term French Fries: I recently came to know that FF aren't invented in France! In English French means, "cut into lengthwise strips". So as they cut the potatoes into long strips it got the name French Fries! Isn't it funny?

I too love MC donalds french fries..they use special butter like oil for making their french fries, got this info from my cousin whos working there right now..

@priya - thanks to your cousin for letting us know...

@uma - etymology is always funny..thanks for the info dear!

I think Uma has the right information about the updates regarding using lard, or other meat fat.

I saw a segment in FoodTV, where they mentioned that the restaurants and fast food chains normally fry the potato strips twice.

Flash fry them in hot oil, and then let them sit till the oil is drained, and slightly cooled, and then drop them in oil again for frying.
No harm in trying right?

Yup as arundathi mentioned its the shortening that they use and I have also heard that they leave it uncleaned for days to go and use the same vessel over and over again. Later the FDA came up with soem rules itseems...

Btw ur french fries looks awesome and authentic too, they look just like french fries served at restuarants so y worry abt Mc D or BK...

Your french fries look just perfect!

I like the BK fries...I have heard that Mcd used beef fat to fry the potatoes and they do not use it any more...and Anudivya was right, they fry it twice to make it crunchy. Has anyone tried the Apple fries @ BK? I have`nt yet. Let me know.

I like the BK fries...I have heard that Mcd used beef fat to fry the potatoes and they do not use it any more...and Anudivya was right, they fry it twice to make it crunchy. Has anyone tried the Apple fries @ BK? I have`nt yet. Let me know.

I like the BK fries...I have heard that Mcd used beef fat to fry the potatoes and they do not use it any more...and Anudivya was right, they fry it twice to make it crunchy. Has anyone tried the Apple fries @ BK? I have`nt yet. Let me know.

McD's when we allow ourselves a junk food treat. :)

I did't knew there are other type of potatoes avialable, infact i use the normal potatoes available in market...just the thing is i fry then twice.
First fry, blot on a tissue paper and let it come to room temperature and then fry it again again in hot oil, to golden brown, this second frying gives it a crispy taste.........try once.........

Sangeeth completely agree wth u and this is not fair how can uhv it alone? :(

macdonald french fries are the best as you say...i have also heard about animal fat being used..but i really dont bother until it is this delicious..

Yummy fries. Something is waiting for you in my blog.

Sangeeth, check my blog, i have something for u..

Ur name is rite there Sangeeth...may be coz of so many names, u might havent noticed..pls collect them...

i use to repare it in the same way and urs looks perfect and tempting

in malaysia (or my home town specifically), mcd's fries sucks so it's always burger king fries for our family. in fact, burger king burgers win too bc they don't taste as commercial as mcd's.

McD fries are the worst...but "if I could have it my way" would be BK. sorry...couldn't resist putting in that famous slogan. :D

Your homemade ones look way better.


Its true that in McD French Fries are made with Beef Fat. I have two classmates in my German class who work in McD and say that they never eat in McD even though they work there.

I recently tried McD fries (after a few yrs of no McDs) and seems like they've changed--less salt. Maybe they don't want the nutrition fact on the box of fries to look bad, so they changed up the fries. Who knows. But BK fries have always tasted good even without having to be super salty.

The ultimate french fry is fried in beef fat -- twice!

1) Choose an Idaho Russet potato. Russet Burbank variety if you can get them.

2) Condition the potato by storing in a 70 degree environment for a couple of weeks (potatoes coming out of cold storage need time to convert sugars back to starch).

3) Cut the potatoes into the desired fry size, similar to the fast food places you prefer.

4) Soak the cut potato strips in room temperature water for at least 8 hours, overnight is good (this soaking plumps up the cells within the potatoes to result in an improved texture). DO NOT USE ICE WATER OR REFRIGERATE! The starch will convert back to sugars causing the finished fries to take on a darkened exterior color.

5) Dry the potato strips and fry in 300 degree oil until just cooked inside and limp, fry time is dependent on the thickness of the fry strip. Bite a piece off and taste, if the raw potato taste is absent it's done inside. Let cool.

6) Bring oil to 375 degrees and fry until golden brown and crispy.

7) Of course, fry in beef fat (tallow), properly twice fried fries will not soak up much fat. What's the point of endeavoring to produce the very best french fry and then compromising the taste with a neutral tasting fry oil.

8) Important, work in controlled sized batches that doesn't drop the frying temperature significantly.Maintain the fry temp or the fries will absorb fat.

9) Rice Bran Oil is the best alternative to those that have a aversion to beef fat. In & Out restaurants are noted for excellent fries, they fry in Rice Bran Oil.