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Me Me - All about me!

I thought of combining this meme with some recipe post. But I am completely tired after the Pooja celebrations and my face is swollen like a pumpkin due to a gum/tooth ache! It is awfully painful! Why did I get this tooth ache? I brush my teeth regularly! :( My husband is having a lot of fun teasing me these days. First about my Halloween baking experience and now as I am a Pumpkin face, he wants me to sit in my Patio all day as a Halloween decoration! How rude? Did I mention that there is a Halloween Patio decoration contest going on in my place? I am planning to participate, wish me luck!

Priya and Pallavi has tagged me! Now I have the opportunity to tag 7 more! yey! ok now for the rules,

a) List the rules on the blog
b) Share 7 facts about you
c) Tag 7 other people at the end of the blog

And now the meme..i like saying meme meme meme meme! Oh don't think I am a self centered person! I just loved the sound!

1. I am obsessed with blogging. I check for comments, check my mails very often.

2. I love to sing and dance! Dance is my passion.

3. I love nagging and irritating my husband! It is my way of expressing love! weird right?

4. I am crazy about Shahrukh's (Film Actor) movie and guitar!

5. I love to eat out!

6. I love watching movies with my husband.

7. I want to reduce weight but I am very lazy to hit the gym.

Now my turn to tag. I am tagging,


Hope they are not tagged for this before.


Hi Sangeeth!

Thanks for tagging me! I did this one a while back! Here's the link if you wanna go check it out!

I am like you in most of them... except the dance part and irritating husband part. He he he. Shah Rukh Khan! (Dreamy eyed!)
Tooth ache??? Get it checked girl...

Thanks Anu! I have to go to the doc soon!

Nice meme Sangeeth.. take care of your tooth.. i think it's cause of the sweets that you had..

even I feel super lazy to go to the gym.. these days, i walk 2..5 to 3 miles a day and it sure has some effect.. i would have lost 1 kg in a month :)

Hi Sangeeth,
thanks for tagging me.. and best luck for your Halloween Patio Decoration Contest :)


hey sangeeth u sound a lot like me, try this link

Thanks artee I have tried that diet before:)

hi, I share 1,5,6, and 7 with you:-) Liked your MeMe

that's a nice meme Sangeeth! Take care of your tooth pain at the earliest! Good luck with the halloween patio decor contest! I am also searching ways to burn fat!

Thanks for the tag Sangeeth. I've done something similar before, so if you wish, you can find my answers here.

Sangeeth, u r so much like me except SRK part. I dont like him that much though :(

Sorry about your gum pain though. hope u feel better. If i were in that situation i'm sure my husband wud've made a similar comment too :)

Actually I'm also postponing my "deep cleaning" dreading the pain later. Hope you get well soon.

Will take up the tag shortly. Anudivya has also tagged me for the same.