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Scribbling Scribe - My new Blog

I have always wanted to write about topics other than food and I found 'Art of cooking Indian food' is not the place to write them. I want this blog to be more focused on food and food related items. Hence I decided to start a new blog and named it Scribbling (As this blog is like my diary where I share my views) Scribe (I love to be a journalist!). Here is the link to my new blog,

I would be more than happy if you give me the same support that you give this blog. You are the one who made me feel that blogging is my life and I owe to each one of you. I take this opportunity to thank each one of my readers, subscribers for giving me your full support.

I have started a event, more like a personal goal to achieve in my new blog. This is to reduce weight. If you are interested please do join me there and give me your full support and encouragement. Hoping to see you all in my new blog soon.


hey just saw your new blog! Awesome Sangeeth! Best wishes on your new venture. Keep up the good work.

Nice to see u r new blog. Intresting posts. Bookmarked!

That's nice, Sangeeth. All the best with your new blog.

I just saw ur new blog.. i find such stuff very interesting.. will update my knowledge thru ur new blog :)

hi,just now i have seen ur new blog,its interesting...