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Navaratri series - Vijayadasami, Day 10

I wish you all a very 'Happy Vijayadasami'. As for the Navaratri series posts, it ends today! Though it is 'Navratri' - 9 nights, it officially ends on the 10th day where we do special pooja and complete the 9 days vrat/fasting. This day is considered to be the most auspicious day to start any new task! Schools generally open on this day after the dasara holidays!

I remember my cousin was waiting for this day so that she can put her kid to school. OMG! He is the naughtiest kid I have ever known! So how many of you are the proud parents of toddlers who have grown big enough to become Pre-schoolers? I surely can say that, now you will have a lot of free time! Your 'me' time.

As everyone would be, I am completely tired after the pooja work and a good massage is highly appreciated. oh! where is the spa near my place? Have you ever been to spa? when I hear the word spa... OK I am diverting here. I will surely share my one time 'spa experience' which I still brag about.

I am sending all my Navratri prasadams to Srivalli's JFI - Festival treats. Here is the list of what I did throughout the nine days of Navratri.

Day 1

  • Groundnut/Verkadalai Sundal and Rava/Suji Kesari

  • Day 2

  • Pattani Sundal and Ladoo

  • Day 3

  • Channa dal Sundal and Kaju Katli

  • Day 4

  • Payathamparupu/Gram Dal Sundal and Mysore Pak

  • Day 5

  • Chickpeas sundal and Kasi Halwa

  • Day 6

  • Rajma/Red Kidney Beans Sundal and Beetroot Halwa

  • Day 7

  • Payaru/Whole gram dal sundal and Rice pudding/Arisi Payasam

  • Day 8

  • Corn Sundal and Rava Ladoo

  • Day 9 - Saraswathi Pooja

  • Carrot Kheer and Vadas


    Thanks for the lovely entry Sangeeth!

    Happy vijayadasami to you too!

    Wonderful series of sweets and snacks Sangeeth. Love the Golu photos.

    this is really attractive Sangeeth. you made it in this way.

    Sangeeth - Enjoyed going through the list yaar. Super. BTW, I have tagged u on a meme.. check it out.

    so many sundal and sweet dishes.. lemme go thru them :)

    Happy Vijayadasami Sangeeth:)