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Spinach Rice Recipe - For all the vegan and vegetarian lovers!

I love spinach. Even as a kid, I used to eat them without making a fuzz, my mom still says. May be because of my mom's spinach recipe. But who cares, I love something healthy! Can you believe it? For a person who loves to roll in chocolates and Ice creams, this is something unusual. But, hey I naturally love Spinach! God's gift! Who else is with me? Who else love spinach like me? C'mon there must be someone to give me company!

There are a lot of varieties to try with spinach. For example, Palak dal, Keera vadai (Spinach fritters), Spinach curry. And I also came to know that organic spinach are good for health. Recently I came across a Mexican recipe for Spinach rice. As usual, I added few Indian spices and turned it to an Indian recipe! It has become very easy for me now-a-days to convert a recipe to Indian. Thanks to coriander and cumin powder!

I see many people converting to vegetarian now-a-days. I am happy! I am a born vegetarian. But now, I have started to eat eggs for some medical reasons, but still I call my self a vegetarian. Eggs are vegetarian for me. I know true vegans and vegetarians won't agree but then, I love eggs and I love to call myself vegetarian. So what do you guys say? Are Eggs vegetarian? Absolutely not vegan!

With no further adieu, here is the Spinach Rice recipe which I bet all the vegan and vegetarian lovers would vote for.


1 cup spinach
2 cup cooked rice ( it can be your normal rice or Basmati rice)
1/2 cup onions cut lengthwise
1/4 cup peas and corn (I used frozen, if you are using fresh, cook them separately)
1/4 cup green pepper chopped length wise (you can also use any other color pepper)
3 Garlic flake, minced
Few fried cashews
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp cumin seeds
1/4 cup spring onions (optional)
1 tsp of Extra virgin olive oil
1 bay leaf
1 cinnamon stick
2 whole cardamom


Pressure cook the rice and allow it to cool.

In a pan, add oil, bay leaf,cinnamon stick, whole cardamom, cumin seeds. Saute.

Now add the onions Garlic and green pepper. Saute them for few min.

Add salt, coriander, cumin powder and mix well.

Now add the peas and corn. Mix well.

Add the cut spinach and cook them for 2 min.

Add pepper to taste.

Switch off the stove.

Mix the rice with this and garnish it with fried cashews. Serve hot!

This rice doesn't need any side dish. But if you like you can eat it with raita or papad.

I am sending this Spinach rice to,

Lunch box event by Vandana Rajesh. You can cook this in 20 mts and you need not prepare a side dish and most of all your kids will be eating something delicious yet healthy!


thank u dear for ur lovely comments,the books which i have kept are my daughter's preschool book,my fatherinlaws Doctors books and hubby's books

spinach rice looks colourful and yummy.Its mouthwatering me.i have bookmarked it

Healthy n Yummy spinach rice..

"Roll in chocolates and ice-creams" - LOL!

I was expecting some green colored rice when I saw the heading for the post... rice looks delicious. I was a little lazy today after the cleaning and poojai . I was therefore wondering what to cook today. I have some spinach so will try your version.

i love spinach too.. will try this one soon. :) looks very good.

This is my easy last minute lunch that I cook up most of the days. I add mushrooms though, and they are wonderful. Frozen spinach are a great thing to stock up on... I dont know if eggs are vegetarian or not, but I eat them! :)

Lovely spinach rice Sangeeth. Have a pack of spinach at home...I'll make it this weekend.

Spinach rice looks delicious

I love spinach as well, sounds great in a rice. If you used some day old rice, some high heat and an egg you could make some spinach fried rice!

I'm not a vegetarian myself but I believe eggs should be considered vegetarian, although I'm sure you'll find vegetarians on either side of the "egg" issue. They certainly aren't meat.

I love spinach rice! Love your recipe, will try it.

good one. I was searching for this :)

This spinach rice looks different from the green spinach rice I make. Will definitely try it.

I made this over the weekend Sangeeth. We all loved it, even my 5 yr old, so I was very happy.

Oh!thats very nice supriya..I am very happy that your kid loved spinach!