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Navaratri Series - Sundal and Sweet, Day 5

When You say Navaratri, I automatically say Dolls for Golu. I love the doll collection. Every year we make it a point that we buy atleast 1 new doll for our golu collection. Though it has become more costly now a days, it is a tradition in many houses to buy atleast 1 new doll every year.

Shopping for Golu is fun! We generally go with our granny to shop. We all believed that she knows more about festivals than anyone else in the whole world. It is like this in all the house. Is it not? Granny knows more when it comes to traditions. Some traditions are favorable to us but some really get to our nerves. Leaving all that apart if you see Navaratri as a festival which teaches about our culture and history, it gives more pleasure and satisfaction.

So you all know that I am going to talk about few golu collections. But you have to wait. Come back tomorrow for more. As for today, I am ending this post with today's navaratri Prasadam - A sundal and sweet.

Chickpea/Konda Kadala Sundal - This is a very healthy sundal which I prepare often for snacks.

Pumpkin Halwa/Kasi Halwa - Actually this Halwa is made with Ash gaurd, the white pumpkin. As I did not get white pumpkin, I prepared this with the orange one which was equally delicious.

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Halwa looks so yummt Sangeeth...Never made this at home..And sundal too!!!

Yummy Yummy.. Tho We call it Chundal in Tamil but not sure my pronouncation might be wrong