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Eat Healthy Calcium Rich Round Up

There is really some thing special with my round ups. It is a coincident for the second time. My Eat Healthy - Protein Rich round up was my 100th post and now my Eat healthy Calcium Rich is my 150th. Wow! Something magical with the numbers. I am so very happy!.

I take this opportunity to thank each and every one who sent their entries. We have received an astounding 156 entries this time. Nearly 20 last minute entries. I am so excited and thrilled. Thanks very much !

With no further delay let me take you to the round up.

Let me start the menu with Soups and Snacks/Appetizers filled with calcium!

Sesame Chikkis by Kailaskitchen
Vada and Nutty chutney by Health Nut
Cutlets by Health Nut
Oakra soup by Health Nut
Spinach Lentil Soup by Health Nut
Sesame Laddu by Payt Pooja
Boondi Raita by Sukanya's Musings
Dahi wada by Indian Khana
grilled minty riccota cheese sandwhich by Asankhana
Cheese Sticks by Priya
Broccoli Cream Soup by Priya
Tofu Cutlet by Priya
Tofu Crispy Balls by Priya
Cabbage Cream Soup by Priya
Sathumavu urundai by Kailaskitchen
Dahi Mattar by EC
Dahi/Thayir Vada by EC
Dahi Bhalla by EC
Spinach pakodas by EC
Oven fried Tofu by Payt Pooja
Broccoli and Cheese Tikkis by Supriya
Jalapeno poppers by Cham
caluliflower 65 by Srilekha
Dahi Wada by Health Nut
Fruit and Nut mix by Health Nut
Laddu by Health Nut
Oakra fritters by Health Nut
Mullumurungai Keerai Vadai by Srilekha
Chickpeas Chat by Srilekha
Bread and Jam by Paajaka
Bread Rolls by Uma
Hot Chillies by Aparna
Italian Cheesy Bread by Sujatha

Now we go in to dig the calcium rich vegetables prepared as poriyal and Salads

Easy Broccoli in Garlic Oyster Sauce by Heart and Hearth
Brocolli Omlet by Health Nut
Stuffed Oakra by Health Nut
Vendakkai Varuval by Nalabagham
Oven Roasted Kale by Payt Pooja
Fried Kale by Payt Pooja
Kale Poriyal by Yensamayal arai
Brocolli poriyal by Yensamayal arai
Tomato Mozzarella Salad by Priya
Fresh Salad in Yoghurt Sauce by Priya
Pasta creamed Veggies by Priya
Dahi Bhendi by EC
Keerai Poriyal by Srilekha
Fresh Green Beans Curry by Srilekha
Soya Beans Curry by Srilekha
Butter Beans Curry
by Srilekha
Fresh Green Peas Curry by Srilekha
Ladies Finger / Okra Podiams by Srilekha
Curry in a Hurry by Payt Pooja
Yoghurt Pomo salad by Illatharasi
Podalangai Poriyal by Nalabagham

Next we have our Main course and Some Non-vegetarian Recipes,

Spinach and Lamb by Health Nut
Peas Pulao by Nalabagham
Spicy Chilli by Nalabagham
Oakra Fried Rice by Priya
green peas pulao by Srilekha
kennipes by Srilekha
Hotel Style Curd by EC
Sesame Seeds rice by EC
Spinach rice by EC
Shrimp Briyani by Health Nut
Fish Biriyani by Health Nut
Grilled Salmon by My Spicy Kitchen
Fish Vegetable Cutlets by Health Nut
Biriyani by Nalabagham
Salmond Salad by Nalabagham

To go with our Calcium Rich Main course we have our Calcium rich Side dishes,

Pulikeera by Eminentlife
Oakra curry by Health Nut
Soy and Spinach Gravy by Nalabagham
Mor Kozhambhu by Nalabagham
Dhal Methi by Nalabagham
Makhanwala curry by Nalabagham
Kale and Lentils by Payt Pooja
Tomato Curry by Eminentlife
collard kootu by Yensamayal arai
Palak Kofta by Yensamayal arai
Egg Tomato by Bengal Cuisine
more by Srilekha
morkolambu by Srilekha
Paneer Kadhi by EC
Kadhi Kashmiri by EC
Moru Kuzhambu by EC
Banana stem raitha by EC
Palak Paneer by EC
cauliflower kolambu by Srilekha
Brocolli Kheema by Health Nut
Spinach Fry by Aparna
Keerai Kolambu by Srilekha
Keerai Kootu by Srilekha
Udaichuvitta Muttai Kolambu by Srilekha
Large Red Gram Kolambu by Srilekha
White Pumpkin Raitha by Srilekha
Eggplant and Yogurt gravy by Uma
Egg Curry by Srilekha
Thai Tofu Curry by Supriya
BrocolliMoong Dal fry by My Spicy Kitchen
tofu in tandoori masala by Asankhana
Palak Paneer by Srilekha
Kadai Pakoda by Sireesha
Navaratna Kurma by Nalabagham
Palak Paneer by Creative Saaga
Egg Curry by Nalabagham
Baby corn with Soy by Nalabagham
Moongdal curry by Pavani

We can't stop eating until we have some Desserts and juices. So here they are with lots of calcium.

Lemon & Saffron Cheesecake by Palachinka
Mango Banana smoothie by Vegetable Platter
Strawberry Banana Milkshake by Nalabagham
Mango Milkshake by Nalabagham
Vermicilli Payasam by Nalabagham
Healthy Fruit Milkshake and Lassi by My Spicy Kitchen
Orange Basundhi by My Spicy Kitchen
Mango Custard by Ramyacooks
Avacado Milkshake by Yensamayal arai
Carrot Almond Sago Kheer by Priya
Paal Payasam by Suma's Cuisine
Rose milk by Srilekha
Mango milkshake by Srilekha
apple milkshake by Srilekha
mango fruit custard by Srilekha
bajji chaar by Srilekha
home made eggless vanilla ice cream by Srilekha
Pal Khova/Kalakhand/Theratipaal by EC
Rice kheer (Pal payasam) by EC
Chocolate Milkshake with Icecream by EC
Strawberry Milkshake by Sangeeth
basundhi by Srilekha
Beet Cheese Treats by Health Nut
Falooda by Health Nut
Badam Milk by Health Nut
Chocolate Pistachio roll by Divya Kannan
Plum Clafoutis by Health Nut
Vermicelli Kheer by Srilekha
Custard Pops by Aparna
RasGulla by Srilekha
Chilled Macadamia Nut Kheer by Few Min wonder
Rabdi by Sireesha
Apricot Almond Delight by Sireesha
Cheese Apple Souffle by Health Nut
Lemon Ricotta Almond Cake by Health Nut
Beetroot Halwa by Sangeeth
Mixed fruit salad by Mahima

Now we have our complete menu. But what if some one comes during our tiffen time? So we have the Calcium rich Tiffen recipes to present to our guests!

Green Dosa by Health Nut
Lentil Kichidi with seasme chutney by Health Nut
Tofu Paratha by Priya
Spinach Layer Pancakes by Creative Saaga
Palak Roti by Kailaskitchen
Juar jo Dodo by Sindhirasoi
Spinach rotis by EC
Dosa by Deepika
Sevi by Srilekha
riccota cheese parantha by Asankhana
riccota cheese kachodi by Asankhana
Vegetable Pasta by Nalabagham
Omelet by Nalabagham

With this, we are tummy full of healthy recipes. Thanks to all!Vote for the 15 recipes Chosen randomly now!. You can also subscribe in a READER

OR via EMAIL to my blog! so that you do not miss these roundups and the winners!

And now for the person with loads of entries. Even this time Srilekha did not allow anyone to take her place. She sent 31 entries and a special Thanks to her for being such a supportive friend!

Following here were Yasmeen of Health Nut with 24 entries, Aarti of Nalabagam with 18 entries and EC with 17. Thanks so very much girls.

Please let me know if I have missed any entry by mistake. Hope you understand! Meet you at the Voting Poll soon.


Wow Sangeeth a very well organised and well presented round up. a great of dishes to try out too.... this makes me look forward to ur next event, hope its soon....Thanks again for hosting this event!

Astounding number of entries Sangeeth.
Excellent job putting them all together:)

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Thanks all! it wouldn't have been possible without your lovely entries :)

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you have done a great job dear! this is a wonderful and delicious roundup ever. Had fun participating in this. Congrats on the 150th post. Time for celebration!

Awesome sangeeth..astounding collections of calcium recipes...You made a great roundup Sangeeth...wonderful n marvellous Series of recipes..

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what a great round up! got to know too late pf it, or i would have also given thought to it, but now I can spare that time and read all these lovely entries instead!
I have a recipe for a nice omlette. Will be sending you soon.