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Voting for Eat Healthy Calcium Rich Starts Now!

Check out the Round up of Eat healthy Calcium rich event.

The 15 recipes that have been picked randomly ( I used are,

1. Sathumavu urundai by Kailaskitchen
2. Jalapeno poppers by Cham
3. Bread Rolls by Uma
4. Grilled Salmon by My Spicy Kitchen
5. Soy and Spinach Gravy by Nalabagham
6. Palak Paneer by Srilekha
7. Lemon & Saffron Cheesecake by Palachinka
8. Pal Khova/Kalakhand/Theratipaal by EC
9. Chocolate Pistachio roll by Divya Kannan
10. Cheese Apple Souffle by Health Nut
11. Spinach Layer Pancakes by Creative Saaga
12. riccota cheese kachodi by Asankhana
13. Cabbage Cream Soup by Priya
14. Oven Roasted Kale by Payt Pooja
15. Kadai Pakoda by Sireesha

The Voting poll is placed in the right sidebar of my blog. Please do vote for your favorite recipe and make them win $20 gift card!. The voting starts from now and runs till 30th Sept 2008, 12.00PM Pacific time. So what are you waiting for? Vote and may the best calcium recipe win!

The winner of $20 gift card will be announced on 1st of Oct,2008.

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OR via EMAIL to my blog! so that you do not miss these roundups and the winners!

Featured Food Blog winner for this event:

This time I am going to feature two Food blogs! The first one is Srilekha as she sent 31 entries and the second one is....oh! I want this to be a surprise so check out on Oct 1st for the winners!


Lovely round up Sangeeth. I don't know if you noticed... a lot of the links don't work including mine.
I was looking forward to reading others recipes... but seems like there is some link error.

Thanks Divya for letting me know...I have fixed it now :)

Great roundup...So many recipes to try from. Good work. Glad mine is among the chosen 15.

hi sangeeth thank u very much for ur comments yaar.
i have a done a mistake yaar,i have posted a recipe for ur event in my blog,but i failed to send u a mail only i saw the list and then i checked my sent box,..

oh! pavani....its ok we always have next time :) do participate in the next event too!