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Why we must change to Organic Food?

It is true that after coming to US, my perspective on Food has changed. Previously I used to think frozen food are bad for health. But, after doing online research, I confirmed that Frozen food are not as bad as we think. In fact, they are equally nutritious to raw food. Now, I have various queries on organic food. As usual started my online research and here is a basic information about organic food.

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What is Organic Food? - I have had this doubt for a long time now. I used to think that organic food has some different or special ingredients that is healthy. But, when I started to browse the net for more information, I came to know the truth. Oh! I was so ignorant. Here is what Organic means according to US department of agriculture,

- A food without toxic agri chemicals
- No Preservatives/Additives
- Not been genetically engineered
- Raised by human
- Not treated with antibiotics

Basically a food that is produced naturally!

We must consider organic food to prevent the consumption of pesticide and insecticide residues. There is a possibility of getting infected by mad cow disease if we consume infected beef. The list grows!

10 Foods you must try in organic farm

1. Apple
2. Beef
3. Bell Pepper
4. Carrots
5. Celery
6. Cherries
7. Chicken
8. Citrus
9. Coffee


Why we should change from normal eating to organic eating? Though costly, there are valid reasons for us to change our food habits. Being organic means we opt for

- Healthy eating
- No toxic chemicals in our food
- Tasty food
- helping unknown small farmers
- supporting our ecosystem

With all these benefits, we must consider organic diet.

10 more Foods you must try in organic farm

1. Eggs
2. Grapes
3. Milk
4. Nectarines
5. Peaches
6. Pears
7. Potatoes
8. Raspberries
9. Spinach

I have just written the basics of organic food. Not even the basics. Just the definition and few health benefits. It is a big topic. It is advisable to get information from the people who like it and use it. Have I missed any point here about organic food? Please add more and enlighten us.

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thatz a very good article on organic food ..

hi, until i read this post and the article, i too thought frozen food is BAD! thanks for the informative read on organic food too. however, it is quite expensive to buy organic food in the stores for daily consumption:-( hope there is a way to make this option viable economically.

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