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Specially for Dear Sia!


Yesterday when I was posting about my Mango milkshake I had 5 events in mind. But when I read the rules for Sia's WBB Summer Feast, I misunderstood that we have to cook something solid for this event. Today, Dear Sia let me know that she will give a warm welcome to my smoothie/milkshake , so here it goes to Sia's WBBsummer Feast. You can find the recipe of Mango Smoothie/Milkshake here.


Now for my other entry to Sia's JFI- Soya. Many a times I have wondered why I need to cook soya? Though it has got a lot of protein in it, it does sometime make me feel 'why am I eating this Soya?' Anyways, I had prepared this Soy Meal maker long back when I was in TN with my friend. I am reposting it so that I can send it to this event. Also I am sending this to Eat healthy - protein rich event hosted by me.

Enjoy hosting dear Sia!


thats so sweet of you Sangeeth. thank u for this wonderful entry girl:)have u tried tofu yet? u might change ur mind when u taste it;) but yeah, not everyone is fond of soya products.

ya tried onec Tofu in chinese way....kinda in the middle of their sauce....was not that good..may b i need to try out diff recipe now :)

there was some mistake in code for JFI logi which i have corrected now. girl, can u plz make that changes and use the new code plz?

Sangeeth that one of my all time fav love it.. nice entry