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Bread/Egg/Onion/Potato Baji

Baji is a very famous Indian snack. It is similar to Pakoras but tastes entirely different. Checkout the pakora recipe here. This food is prepared in less than 10mts if you have all the ingredients. You can show your creativity in this food by making different kinds of baji. Some of my favourites are Onion, Egg, Potato,Bread,Plantain, Green Chillies. You can make even with Meat ( I am not sure, but what the heck ? you can try it and if it doesn't come out well, feed the bin).


To make the Paste:

2 cups of Besan Flour (Gram flour)

1 tsp of red chilli powder

Salt to taste

1/4 tsp of baking powder

Oil to fry

Water to make the paste

You can have any one or all of the following to make your kind of baji

2 medium Potato sliced

1 plantain sliced

4 Bread pieces ( Remove the outer bread and cut into halves)

2 Egg (Boiled and Cut in Half ,with Yolk)

1 medium onion sliced in round shape


Add the gram flour, chilli powder , baking powder and salt in a bowl.

Mix well adding water so that it becomes a smooth paste.

The Paste must be semi solid (Not too loose)

Now dip the ingredient you want to make baji with and deep fry in oil.

Make sure that the ingredient i.e. potato or bread is covered with this paste properly so that the baji comes out tasty and puffy.

Do come back for my recipe on making stuffed Mirchi (Green Chilli) Baji which is the most famous baji variety in India. I will post the recipe asap.


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