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How to make Authentic South Indian Sambhar powder

Sambhar is a very common side dish when it comes to South Indian cooking. It is very easy to prepare too. I have tasted Sambhar in different places and all tastes differently. The main process of preparing the Sambhar is the same, then how come this difference in taste? It is because of the Sambhar Powder that they use in their recipe.

Sambhar Powder

Each family has its own way of preparing Sambhar powder. This is the main ingredient that gives the flavor to the recipe. I would like to share my family recipe for preparing this Sambhar powder.


100g Dry Red Chilli

250g Coriander seeds (Dhaniya)

25g Whole black peppercorns

25g Cumin Seeds

1 tsp Fenugreek seeds

2 strands of Curry leaves

2 tsp Hing Powder

1/2 cup puffed rice (Pori in Tamil)

Sambhar Powder


In a pan, fry the puffed rice till light brown. Allow it to cool.

In a separate pan, add all the ingredients except the puffed rice and fry till they turn light brown and you get the aroma.

Allow it to cool and blend it in a mixer/blender into a very smooth powder.

Generally in India, there are places, where they have huge machines to grind these into powder. This results in a very smooth powder. If we do it at home, we have to make sure that it is grind to a very fine powder.


It is suggested to prepare the sambhar powder in small quantity so that the flavor is not lost.

You can store this powder for a month without losing its flavor.

Each family has its own way of preparing this Sambhar Powder, Do you follow a different method? Please share it with us.


That must be so flavorful... I use sambar powder in so many dishes.

In our family, we use almost the same ingredients but we do not add rice . I think it helps in thickening the sambhar. I shall follow your recipe next time.

never tried making sambar powder at home.. My mother makes it and send me a parcel... this seems easy to make at home... i'll give it a try!

wow! I am always on the look out for good sambhar recipe. Now, i will surekly try it out. Thanks a lot!
Only one question: is it puffed rice you mean, as in te pciture it looks different somehow?

The original recipe calls for puffed rice...since i dint have at that time I used normal rice. bothways they taste great..i have tried both :)

I've made other Indian spice powders, but not this one. I must try it out soon. Sounds like a perfect blend.

Yeah, I am one of the people who gets it from the store. But it never tasted like my mom's!
Home-made powder gives a nice taste and flavor, the store bought ones are just plain dead. I need to wake up!

Sangeeth, puffed rice in sambar powder is new to me. Our family recipe is different, but i dont remember. My mom always makes it for me :-) Easiest and yummiest way out ;-)

Sangeeth, love the new fresh look of ur blog but it takes very long time to upload. and it also hangs the system for few mins. i am using firefox browser. it might be due to some application u have uploaded in ur web page.
and puffed rice in sambar powder? never heard of it. thankfully i get my share from my amma and MIL :)

Nice template liked it and sambhar powder recipe is really good i always keep it to make it easy

I've heard the same said about garam masala...that every family has its own recipe. What would you use this powder for, please?