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Your content is copied. What next?

Recently I made a video on how to watermark your pictures. In continuation with that video, I would like to add another video about How to deal with copyright issues. In this video you will get to know,

1. How to identify that your content is copied elsewhere?
2. How to find out the contact details of the thief?
3. How to contact the thief and handle the situation?
4. What to mail to the Major search engines seeking help?

I really hope this video would be of great help to all of us. Do let me know your comments and suggestions. If valid, I would be more than happy to add the points to the blog post.

Note: I made this video yesterday afternoon sacrificing my afternoon nap. This made me sound very sleepy and please tolerate it. Do not fall asleep with me watching the video. Hello! the content is vital!

Please note that it is and it is misspelled in the video as copyspace! (Thanks Ramya!)



Very useful information about copyright - I would suggest you to bookmark as she has covered all most all the required points.



I'm pretty bad about protecting my photos; the only thing that helps is knowing that I take lousy photos and few people would want them anyway. ;)

Thanks for the tutorial...I'm going to link to it on my blog!

Cool informative video Sangeeth! I think everyone should know this.
Nice work even though you were sleepy.
And no, it did not make me sleep midway :)

Nice information Sangeeth. I think now a days everybody need this info

Hey thanks for this useful information...

Very informative sangeeth. Thanks for sharing.

Nalla time la post panna nee indha article'a... looks like Ramya is having some problem with plagiarism now from vah chef.

hey sangeeth, cn u plz help me as to how to disable right click on my blog...just got to know abt ramya's copy thing...its soo tragic :(