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Another simple way to watermark your pictures

If you have been following Cham of spice club, you must already be aware of how to prevent your pictures from being stolen. This is the detailed post that she wrote on watermarking your pictures. I wanted to share my tips too but I am so lazy to write it as a post so I made a video. Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions in watermarking your pictures. I use a free website called Photobucket for watermarking my pictures. You can try them too. Its 100% FREE and very reliable. I have not faced any problems till now.

I am planning to make few other videos related to this topic so stay tuned!


Video is a great idea and very simple way to copyright photo using the free software.Good one Sangeeth!

Good info... I have sure missed you and your blog... next time sollittu poraen. He he he.

Another useful tip! Thank you!

Thanks for the info, Sangeeth! Your blog is always so helpful!! I have a Photobucket acct, but never knew it did watermarks.

Sure was helpful. Am off to sign up for photobucket now.

this is a great info. Sangeeth! Thanks for an elaborate video.

Sangeeth, thanks for sharing your video ...most beneficial for non technies like me. It is 'MOST' useful! Thanks and shall await ur nexters.

Thats great Sangeeth....I had been searching for this water mark thing for long now. Will follow the instructions. Thanks.
Also I am following your blog now. It would be nice if you could add mine too. :)

thanks sangeeth,I included you link in my post:)


You posted a comment on my blog and I followed your link here. Thank you so much for this video! I've been using photobucket for a long time and never knew about this feature!

Thanks again!

this is really informative and a very nice way to watermark. i always wondered when i saw watermarked pics as to how it was done. u gave me my ans. thanks a lot for sharing it. really helpful.

Hi Sangeeth,

Thank you so much for bringing up the matter. I'm doing something now for my site even though I don't have neither great picts or recipes but caution pays. I'm reading Spice Club's entry now.

Its great place , nice information , thanks for the nice share
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Thank you so much for this video! I've been using photobucket for a long time and never knew about this feature!