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Authentic SouthIndian Sweet - Palgova/Therattipal recipe

I still remember. When I was in my schooldays, my father used to buy this Palgova from the sweet store for any family festival/get together. It is the one sweet which I go glutton for. Being an only child I had never had the problem of sharing. Everything is for me. Pampered and spoiled!

For this Diwali how can I ever forget this famous sweet? I prepared it yesterday and this time I had to share it with my husband. Ha! that too I gave him only few spoons and rest is mine..mwuahhh(witch's laugh).I am sending this and my other Diwali sweets and snacks to Pallavi's YFF - Diwali.

Before sharing the recipe of this sweet, I would like to share some tips.

- If you are in India use the normal milk that you get. If in the US use whole milk or Vitamin D milk. The milk must be thick for this sweet to be at its best.

- Stand with the milk when boiling, else ...oh! you don't want to know. All will be in a mess.

- Do this sweet when you are free. It will take atleast 1 hour and if you hurry up you will not get the required result.

- If you use Jaggery instead of sugar it is called Therattipal.


3 cups whole Milk
3/4 cup of sugar
1 tbsp of Ghee/Clarified Butter
2 tsp of Lime juice


In a pan, boil the milk till it reduces to half. It will take some time (around 20- 30 mts). Your patience is appreciated.

Keep stirring regularly.

Now add the lime juice to make the milk separate.

Again keep stirring till most of the water is evaporated and it is semi-solid. This will take another 15 min.

Now add the sugar and ghee mix well for 10 min and remove it.

Cool it and serve. You can refrigerate it too but only thing is it will solidify a little bit when you refrigerate it. So you have to bring it to the room temperature before serving.

Guess what? You have just prepared the Authentic Palgova recipe traditionally at home! Kuddos to you!

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hi...pls collect ur award from my blog...:-)

Yummy just laughing on reading ur description splly for witch's laugh..damn cant stop drooling now here...simply fabulous...awesome clicks Sangeeth..

Good recipe.
Use a crockpot for the milk and stir/check on it only once every 20 might take longer but it takes care of itself and does not burn...more tips on my blog re. using a crockpot.

Thanks Geeta...sure was helpful!

Sangeeth, this is how my mom prepares it. I thought it was pretty labor intensive. The microwave version is time efficient and lesser labor. Did you ask about the microwave? Yeah, that is mandatory.

nice recipe. its like kalakand that is very famous up north. i have the electric stove here its such a nightmare to make milk based dishes. actually i shld just invite myslef to ure place, heeehhehehehe!!!!!!. happy diwali.

I've never tried it, but it looks so tempting. Enjoy your favorite sweet.

Happy Diwali!

Thanks all..

@karuna..ofcourse you can come anytime :) always welcome. I have to put some drama to get the new!

wow, the palkova looks so mouth-watering. Yum!

Nice recipe. Usually I keep it in slow flame and when it starts to thicken, I'll start stirring it until the palkova consistency is reached, lazy me:)

I love recipes with a short ingredients list. ;)

I'm going to try this; my younger son has a sweet tooth.

My first time doing this. It did take a really long time and tested my patience thoroughly!! (still an understatement). But it came out well in the end - I am pleased. Thanks so much for sharing.