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Manopu - A rice flour snack

This is yet another snack we do for krishna jeyanthi. This recipe is also made with rice flour like cheedai but the shape is different. We add some more ingredients to give a different flavor to it. We make this recipe with an instrument which is used to make these snakes. Check out my other snacks made for krishna jeyanthi/Vinayaka chatirthi in my Recipe Index. Basically to get the desired shapes we use this instrument. I do not know how it is called in English but you can have a look at it to get an idea. Here is the picture.

Don't go searching it in the US. I guess we get it only in India or in Indian shops. I got them from my recent India trip. There are different impressions for making different recipes.

Now coming to Manopu recipe,


2 cup rice flour
1 cup of fried and powdered Moong dal (Green gram)
1 cup of fried and powdered channa dal (Gram dal)
1 tsp of seasme seeds
1 tbsp of Ghee/clarified butter
Salt to taste

Oil for deep frying


Make the dough with all the above ingredients.

The dough must be a little loose so that we will be able to press it via the muruku maker easily.

Use the corresponding impression to get the manopu shape.

Hold the manopu maker on top of oil and press it. The manopu will come out and deep fry it in oil till they become light brown.

Allow it to cool and then store it in an air tight container.

Though these are high calorie snack, we can treat ourselves occasionally! I do it this way. It makes me stay more committed to my diet.


I normally make this for Diwali but we call it mullu murukku :) Yummy.

even i do mullu muruku..but i make it with diff recipe....u ca find i t in my recipe index :)

You can get some sort of utensils that do the same thing in the west. I had one years ago, used to make all sorts of different shapes of biscuits. It looks different, sort of with a plunger mechanism, but I think it would do the same thing.

I had a bit of a look around - search for "cookie press" or "cookie gun". I think these would help if someone could not get one from India. Amazon has a range of them.

thanks for the info vegeyum!

This one is never working out for me...i can just enjoy the recipe by reading it i guess..the explanations on how u made that one is really impressive.

We call tehse Murukulu in Andhra... lovely snack

There is n award for you on my Awardspage, so do collect it. Congrats

Muruku looks yum dear...and gud detail recipes

isn't it same as murukku or chakkuli? and yes girl, we can always treat ourselves occassionally for these golden beauties. thats why the festivals are there for ;)

we call it murukku.. nice way of showing the things

Manopu and muruku are same but i use a different recipe to do muruku so i called it manopu ...u can find the recipe in my recipe index....happy that u all liked it.

Good explanation... first time I am hearing manopa.... for me its also murukku ;)