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Ribbon Beda recipe - Ribbon?

Are you wondering why this snack is called Ribbon Beda? If so, just take a look at the picture.


May be my picture is not that good. But,Isn't it looking like ribbons? The shape of this snack is like that of ribbons. A spicy ribbon. I love this snack and this is my last in the Vinayaka chaturthi series of snacks and sweets. This very easy to prepare snack is also done with the Muruku maker. You just have the insert the right impression to get the shape of ribbons.


1 cup of Rice flour
1 cup of Besan flour
1 cup of powdered channa dal (Odachakadala in Tamil, If anyone can tell me the english name, plz!!!)
1 tsp seasme seeds
1 tsp Hing
Salt to taste
2 tbsn Ghee/Clarified butter
1 tsp chilli powder

Oil for deep frying


Make the dough with all the above ingredients.

The dough must be a little loose so that we will be able to press it via the muruku maker easily.

Use the corresponding impression to get the Ribbon shape.

Hold the Muruku maker on top of oil and press it. The Ribbon beda will come out and deep fry it in oil till they become light brown.

Allow it to cool and then store it in an air tight container.

With this recipe my snack series for Krishna Jeyanthi/Vinayaka chaturthi is over. Check out my other snack recipes in my recipe index.


I am a huge fan of ribbon pakodas... I dont make it at home that often, but looking at it just makes my mouth water!

Hi sangeeth
Thanks for passing by my blog. I liked your innovative coining of the word ' ribbon beda' it looks good !

I love this ribbon pakoda , looks good

I love it too! your ribbon pakoda is tempting me to try those Sangeeth.

you've got an award waiting in

These sound very, very tasty!!! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Keralites make a similar snack called pakavada ..i don't usually make it at home and get it when i come back from home this has truly made my mouth water. of my fav snacks..for odacha kadala, i think its split roasted chick peas..hope so..if am wrong sorry..
Happy posting..

Hi sangeeth, we call this ribbon pakoda.

admire the sheer energy with which you host innumerable events and come up with timely round ups. A little token of appreciation for you at my blog :-)

Wow nice name given to yummy pakodas.

Ribbon beda looking delicious....never tired at home this one..thanks for the recipe ;)

Hi Sangeeth,
Ribbon pakoda reminds me of my mil she makes amazing ones.
You have a surprise waiting for u in my blog!

my mom used to make this... really a yummy and munchy snack...