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Energy Bhel - Recipe from Readers

I am Back! Thanks for all your support and concerns. I am doing great. I know this break got extended more than I thought. Mostly because I was lazy to start blogging again. I had a great vacation. Did not go anywhere, but was visited by few of my friends and relatives. I had loads of fun spending time with my loved ones.

I really wanted to start blogging 2 months back. But I was busy searching for reasons to avoid blogging. The main reason - laziness! But now I realised how much I missed blogging and reading other's recipe and my blogging family that I have decided to blog whenever I can. While I was in my break I did go through some of my favourite blogs and tried few recipes. I will be posting them soon. Once again I thank all my friends and fellow bloggers who were so kind in mailing me asking about my health and wellness.

To start with, this is a recipe sent by one of my readers Megha. I loved this recipe and is full of nutrition. Sure a great substitue for our regular bhel.

Ingredients: for 3 people

grams - 50 gms
green grams - 100 gms
soyabeans - 50 gms
beans - 50 gms
potato - 2 pcs
pomegranate - 1 pcs
tomato - 1 pcs
onion - 2 pcs
coriander leaves - 200 gms

for coriander & chilli puree

coriander - 100 gms
green chilli - 10 pcs
peanuts -1/2 cup
lemon,salt & sugar - according to the taste

for dates & tamarind puree

dates - 100 gms
tamarind - 150 gms
jaggery - according to the taste

for garlic paste

garlic - 1 pcs
jaggery - according to the taste


Soak every pulses in water for 4 hours.

After the time boil the pulses in a pressure cooker.

Cut onion & boiled potato in small pieces.

Mix all this in a bowl.

At the time of serving this bhel, garnish it with other remained boiled pulses on it.

Add coriander and it's ready for eating.

Thanks Megha for sending this recipe. It sure is very healthy.


There you are!!! Welcome back dear. I am so happy that you here. I have company now.
Hope to see more wonderful recipes and videos ;) from you.
BTW, first ingredient, "grams" na enna?

Welcome back. Glad you enjoyed your break!

I think by grams she meant any parupu..maybe kadala parupu..

Welcome back! Thats a great come back with a very different bhel recipe!

Yeah, its always difficult to get backc after a break and usually they get prolonged... Glad that you are back and had lotsa fun with frenz and family... I like the bhel idea with soya... Definitely nutritious...

Welcome back,dear. Good to see you back and glad that you indeed enjoyed your break.

Looking forward to healthy recipes at your place.

So happy to see you back after a long break! Missing you around a lot. How are you? Bhel sounds so healthy and yummy.

good to have you back! hope to see lots more posts and videos from now on!

Welcome back, hope to see a lot from u...

I'm so glad to see you back and that everything is all right! I even checked Twitter Moms for you and I don't go there very often. :)

Hope you enjoyed your break; I'm taking one myself right now too. It feels good to get away from it for a while.