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A Short Break

Actually I must have written this post a week back but couldn't. As I am busy with some other personal things I would not be able to post for a couple of weeks. I will be back soon. I am gonna miss you a lot! Hope you miss me too...


You will be missed... hope to see you soon. :)

Take care, hope to see you back soon!

Yes, we'll be missed. We hope will will see u soon. Take care. I am not feeling good today and so I can just browse like little doll instead of doing house chores.

We all need a short break, so rest and come back with your batteries full. You will be missed.

Hi Sangeeth, just now I saw your picture in FoodBuzz and I thought I should drop by and also check out this month's theme. I'm going to tell you a secret, (not a secret anymore) whenever I bake wearing that apron or use that green spatula, something goes wrong with the recipe and I end up throwing it away. This has happened twice so far.

Jokes apart, hope everything is well. Take care.

i am back from my break..n now u are gone :(

he he he ...see u soon dear.