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How is my new look?

You all know that I have been conducting a survey. If you have not yet told me what you think, here is the survey details. I really appreciate if you could tell me what you think.

Meanwhile, I am so thankful to all those who already spoke their mind. I must admit that there were few comments that made me realize that my old template sucked! So I have put in my effort and have created this new one. You people were so kind to let me know my flaws. Tough love! But that is what I need to improve.

This month being a festival month (Halloween and Diwali), I decided to give the blog a new look and feel. Moreover, after knowing that the old template was not that good, I really did not want to continue with that.

Thanks ! I couldn't have asked for more. But I am. Please let me know how this template looks. Is it better than the previous one? Is the navigation made simple and easy? Do you have anything that I can add/remove? Please let me know either by commenting below or by filling the survey form.


I like the look. Wish I had WordPress so I could have something similar.

Could you add the CommentLuv plugin?

Oh hey waitaminit - this is Blogger! Wow, now I AM impressed!

I liked the previous one too! Though the new look gorgeous too! Good job dear!

BTW, the header is stunning.

Thanks Uma. I liked the previous template too but most of my readers didn't and they win!

I love it! It is a better one I must say. And I like the way you have arranged the stuff around. You know what I mean ;)

I Love it. It's refreshing.

I dont remember the old template now.. :( but i love this template!

i like this new look of your blog... easy to navigate. but i wish there was an archive tool on the side so that it's easy for us to look what all u have posted recently.

Great Look!!Visiting after a long time and yours look so neat and impressing.Good job dear

The header is superb and so is the new look...but I liked your old template as well..;-)

very impressive. and wonderful header .

Hi Sangeeth,
The new look of your site is very decent. You done a neat work.
keep it up...

Loved the new look. Neat arrangement.

Hi, while looking for Indian food blogs I stumbled upon on your delicious blog. This one is great for the eyes. I also have a blog called Logi-call that you can visit at Hope you will also visit my blog someday.

I like this new look of your blog... easy to navigate...Superb Header...

@all, Thanks so much .
@mahima, I have a recent post widget in my sidebar. If you still feel that archive widget is necessary do let me know.I can add it. Thanks for your comments.

this new look is fantastic....great!!

Impressive new look sangeeth:). Love the banner too :). Hard work pays off dear,good job!

Wow sangeeth..Ur blog looks cool..header is really very good..Awesome New look...