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How to prepare Vegetable Stock

Stock is a flavoured liquid. It forms a basis for many of the Chinese food. Not only Chinese food, many Indo Chinese/Thai food. Many soup recipe calls for this vegetable/chicken stock as a main ingredient to add flavour to the food. I did not know that these stock play a major role in these soup recipes. Once I came to know, I thought it is one of the difficult process to prepare these stocks. But, I was proved wrong. Preparing vegetable stock is one of the easiest process. I am sharing a video from Vahrehvah for letting people like me to know how to prepare vegetable stock.

A few basic rules commonly prescribed for preparing stock from Wiki:

-The stock ingredients are boiled starting with cold water. This promotes the extraction of protein, which may be sealed in by hot water.

-Stocks are simmered gently, with bubbles just breaking the surface, and not boiled. If a stock is boiled, it will be cloudy.

-Salt is usually not added to a stock, as this causes it to become too salty, since most stocks are reduced to make soups and sauces.

-Meat is added to a stock before vegetables, and the "scum" that rises to the surface is skimmed off before further ingredients are added.


Thanx for the info... WIll def be useful

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