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Eat Healthy Protein Rich Contest UPDATE

I am so happy to find my mail box flood with protein rich entries. So many entries with easy yet healthy recipes. Thanks to all of you who have contributed and planning to contribute. I apologize for not acknowledging most of the entries I received. As I was busy with my vacation, I never had time to reply each and every entry.Hope you all understand. I confirm through this post that I received all your entries and I appreciate all your effort.

Nearing the end date for this contest, I received mails from few of you asking to extend the contest end date so that you can participate and send in more healthy recipes. I do appreciate your enthusiasm and have decided to extend the end date for this contest till Jul 30 , 2008 midnight

Hope you all are having great fun and would be happy if you all could utilize this extension and send in more entries for the event making it a great success.


Hope you got my entry!!! Good event

maybe now I can try to cook up something. Thank you

nice idea to extend the date, Sangeeth! Glad to know that you are having a good time in India.

its great that u decided to extend the date, sangeeth...i had more that i wanted to send !! :-)

Hope you got my entry..great that you extended the deadline..!!