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You can make a difference - Fight Poverty

Poverty is hunger. Poverty is illiteracy. Poverty is not able to see a doctor for curing illness. Poverty is incapacitated. Poverty is unemployment. Poverty is ... and it goes on. But usually when we hear the word poverty, the first thing that comes to our mind is hunger. Poverty, is not only in under developed or developing countries., it is obscure in many of the developed countries. Why do we have to face poverty even in the developed countries?

1) rise in oil and energy prices which affect the entire value chain of food production, from fertilizer to harvesting to storage and delivering;

2) economic boom in some developing economies, creating increased demand for cereals;

3) weather-related events meaning bad harvests;

4) competition between food and fuel shift to bio fuels production leading to market speculation.

With these and many more hidden reasons there a million of people dying due to poverty.

Cant we do anything? When we read about articles that emphasis on the problems of the world, we develop a rage and impuissance. There are a lot of people who are ready to volunteer to fight against poverty but doesn't know how.

Friends of the world food program helps us contribute to fight against poverty in our own way. I am writing this as a post because I have a food blog and it would be ungrateful if I do not contribute in any way. This is my way of contributing to fight against poverty - creating awareness through my blog. Please do contribute in your own way so that we can fight poverty and reduce the number of people and children dying due to poverty (hunger deaths).

Play and give free rice

I will be announcing an event in the month of July'08 for this great cause. Hope we can make a difference!