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How to eat healthy and look young

Everyone including men want to look young. Though it is believed that women are more beauty conscience, men can't deny the fact that they take every possible step to look young. Why should we look young? of course it increases our self confidence, makes us feel we are the best. How can we achieve this? With the development of technology we have a gazillion methods to make you look young. Surgery, skin transplantation etc, but do we really have to go through pain to achieve this? My answer is a big NO. Our body is under our control. We are the masters and our body functions on our command. So what can we do to look young? It is very simple, Eat healthy food.

Few days back I came across this article in NY times emphasising on eating healthy and calorie restricted, one can live longer and be young always.
Eat Healthy and Look Young

Effects of time and age can be reversed by eating healthy.Food when consumed properly can nourish, revitalize and give more energy to our body and makes us look young in the process.Who doesn't want to be the center of attraction? So what is this healthy food and where do we get them? The answer is very easy, it is there in your kitchen. Most of the food, these days, are processed. By processed I mean containing chemicals,pollutants,toxins etc. When we eat these food as our primary source of nutrition, we indirectly poison our bodies and have to work hard to get rid of the bad stuff that we have unknowingly consumed.

Antioxidants are natural anti-aging substances which can protect us from cell damage. Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities of different foods. Fruits and vegetables with high ORAC helps us look young. Food with high ORAC includes beans,lentils,apple,banana,broccoli, blackberry,cranberry,strawberry,black plum,cherry,pecan etc. When we add the required amount of these foods in our diet we are decreasing our risk of aging.

To know more do read this ORAC related information .

10 super food for age defying beauty.

Back in Oprah's show, she was discussing about 'Look 10yrs young in 10days' and was discussing about Dr. Nicholas Perricone's top 10 super food that helps us in overcoming or aging problems (beauty wise). These include

Acai fruit
Anything with 'Allium Family' - like garlic,onions etc
Green Foods
Buckwheat:Seed & Grain
Beans and Lentils
Hot peppers
Nuts &Seeds
Yogurt and Kefir

To learn more about these food and their nutritional value visit Top 10 super food.

To get more details on this Oprah's show visit Oprah Winfrey show.

Why should we include these in our diet? These food items helps us reduce inflammation, reduce cancer,hear disease,blood pressure,high cholesterol. With having these benefits we should definitely give it a thought to include these in our diet.

Also Richard Haigh, gives his 15 tips on how to look young eating healthy .

With all these and more information floating in the web, I believe we will take a wise decision of including these food in our diet, for not only to look young, but also to be healthy.