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Mango Rice Recipe

Mangoes originated in East India, Burma and the Andaman Islands bordering the Bay of Bengal. Around the 5th century B.C., Mango is called Mangifera indica and is known as 'king of fruit' throughout the world.The Mango tree plays a sacred role in India; it is a symbol of love and some believe that the Mango tree can grant wishes. In India, Mangoes are found in plenty during the summer season. We can make a variety of food using mango and 'Mango Rice' is one such food. I use a lot of chillies to this recipe as mango will give this food a sourness/sweetness.


1tsp channa dal
chopped ginger optional
1 bunch coriander leaves
1 pinch cumin
4 cup fresh cooked rice
1 number grated raw mango
6 number green chillies
1piece ginger finely chopped
1 pinch hing
1 pinch mustard
4 tsp oil
3 piece red chilli whole
Salt to taste
1pinch turmeric
1 tsp urad dhal
Fried cashews


Cook the rice separately and keep it ready.

In a pan, add oil,red chilli whole , mustard seeds and cumin and when they crackle add channa dal,urad dal,broken cashew nuts, and saute them.

Now add hing ,green chillies,curry leaves, chopped ginger, turmeric and add grated mango.

Cook till mango is tender and then add cooked rice and mix well serve hot.


havent made rice with mango..this sounds delicious

divya, it is delicious and very easy to prepare....:)

lovely rice. I like this very much. Nice recipe.

This is my all time fav..