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Egg Dosa Recipe

Now a days, Egg is considered to be a vegetarian food and most of the doctors advice children to take egg in their diet. There are hundreds of ways we can eat egg and one of them is egg dosa. It is very simple and all you need is 2eggs and dosa dough. I will post the recipe for the dosa dough in my future posts. For now I assume that people know to prepare dosa dough.

Ingredients: ( for 4 egg dosas)

4 cups of dosa dough
2 Eggs
Pinch of Pepper


Beat the 2 eggs in a bowl for 30 seconds.

The same way as we prepare dosa, place 1 cup of dough on the non stick pana and spread it into a round shape. Pour some oil around the dosa.

Now pour required amount of egg on the center of the dosa and spread it, so that it covers the entire dosa. For this the easy way is to take the pan by its handle and rotate from left to right.

Add a pich of pepper to it and wait till the side is cooked.

Turn the dosa to the otherside and wait till it is cooked.

Take the dosa from the pan and serve hot with chutney,sambhar etc.

Happy Cooking!


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