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Beat the Heat with these refreshing drinks!

There are lot of reasons to love summer. Morning Walk, Playing in the park, Picnics, just standing under the sun, swimming and it goes on. But, all of us will feel one thing in common when we talk about summer - 'The Heat'. Beating the summer heat is one big 'chore' for a lot of us. Drinking lot of water will help us overcome dehydration caused by over heating. In addition to water, what we love during summer is Ice creams, Milkshakes and juices! With all this in mind there are a lot of events happening in blog world and one such event is Srilekha's
Ice creams and Milkshakes. I am sending these following entries to this event.

Banana and Dates Milkshake

This is a long pending milkshake from my side. I wanted to prepare this milkshake, but was skeptical on how the taste would be. Vandana Rajesh was so kind to give me hope that this Banana and Dates Milkshake will taste awesome. Thanks Vandana, the drink was a hit. I loved the taste. Everyone must try this combination. I followed her recipe and you can find
Banana and Dates Milkshake recipe here.

I am also sending this Banana And Dates Milkshake to MBP:Aug - Fruit Fare which was initially started by Coffee.

Mango Milkshake/Smoothie
Follow the link for
Mango Milkshake/smoothie recipe

Apple Milkshake
Follow the link for
Apple Milkshake recipe.

Enjoy hosting Srilekha...refreshing drinks are always a hit in every house.


interesting theme will try to post it

eveythin looks good for the event....

thanks for participating in the event and as soon as i receive ur entries i'll mail u!

that looks just like what I need these days in CA! nice entries gal:)

That's so cool for summer. Bilkul refreshing...

Wow... cool and refreshing!! Perfect for hot summer afternoons!

nice drinks vry refreshing!!!

One of the best ways of cooling down in summer, after ice-cream, of course.:)
Thank you for the entry to MBP.

I keep planning on doing the Shake thing or the smoothie thing, especially for breakfast, That banana date sounds awesome!! May have to start with that one.